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Hi! I'm Joshua, the creator of Match Simulator.

This website was made as a hobby project in March of 2019. Since then, it has gotten a lot of interest from people all over the world. In December 2020 I found out that around 30K matches had been simulated, so I decided to take on the project again and try to make it even better.

If you like this project and want to contribute financially, that would be much appreciated! Any contribution helps me a lot and allows me to spend more time working on this project.



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I have long wanted to incorporate real-life football more into this website, and with this new version I found a way to do so. In the events, you will now find current leagues and competitions, along with up-to-date standings, fixtures, and similar to the World Cup page, you can easily start the cup from this page. 

In the future, more leagues and cups will be added such as Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1, etc. 

And there's a lot more to come with regards to integration of real-life football, so keep an eye out!

Look forward to your reactions and as always, let me know if you encounter any problems.

Quick links: (also added FK Crvena Zvezda to the base game, based on Larsson's mod)


Update: just included that the schedule of events that are a league (Premier League, Eredivisie) is now also correctly generated when you start a cup from the event page.

match of the day is pretty random at times. once i got annecy-annecy. why is that?

I'm sorry, what do you mean? Where do you see match of the day?


Edit: Oh, you mean in the stats. It just takes the match that is simulated most frequently that day, so if some user simulates one match a lot of times this could happen.

context: a few days ago that appeared in stats. most days its barcelona-real madrid or vice versa, but a different match (annecy-annecy) appeared for some reason.

Hi all! I just released a new update which replaces the Disqus comment threads with custom comments. This has the benefit that you can easily get notifications when other users reply to you or comment on an item you created (mods or squads). You can subscribe to comment threads by clicking the bell icon at the top of the thread.

In your account settings, you can choose to enable or disable email notifications. 

In later updates, you will get user profiles through which you can easily browse other user's content. 

With regards to the Disqus-threads that are now gone, I am looking into options to extract them and maybe still show them here for a while. 

Edit Nov. 2: New version is now live and includes user profiles.

bug: away goals rule doesn't apply in rematched matches.

match: barca-bayern (2nd match).

first leg was goalless and the second one was 1-1 but barca won on penalties when they should have won on away goals. 

also, league matches between the same teams are two-legged for some reason should you be logged in.


league matches not just for the same teams, but for every team.

Oh, that is intended by the way. If you accidentally forget to select double match you can still go to the return match, but it is optional.

On injuries (planned): Some don't require treatment and time lost is lower in these (just seconds).

bug: when you log in and then keep the website closed for some time, you might be logged out. there should be an option called "keep me signed in" in the login page.

I agree, it signs out too quickly... But it has to do with some server setting that I am not able to easily edit. But I am aware of the issue and looking into options

cool new comment system i guess




Oh, tagging users would be useful, added it to the list!

Hey, I doubt you'll see this, but Ill still mention my idea. I think you should make more stats for the character editor, like physical and speed. and add a goal tally for custom characters (all time, not in cups)

Hi Bruvinnit, I really like the idea of seeing stats for your custom player! I will add that to the backlog. 

As for more stats, I agree to some extent. However, adding more stats also means I have to update the game engine. Since this is the core of the simulation I first want to completely figure out which player stats I want to use and how they affect the match. For example, I would also like to add stats for Free Kicks. 

There will be a big revamp of the match engine later on, but I will first focus on releasing a new version of Match Simulator that is more user-friendly and includes dark mode :) 

Got it

Hey Joshua,

I would like to ask if you can add something like '' share private mods to selected users'' coz i made a tournament with my 20+ friends and when they create squad and share me to implement in my game as host. all others can spy them from public search :) i realy would love to see something to stop it. Or if there is a way i dont know please let me know. thanks ;)

Sounds like a good idea, it's indeed not possible right now. Will see if I can add this quickly!

Thanks a lot. looking forward to see its done soon coz my friends are so nasty :)

Yo Joshua, when would the custom players different year thing be possible. You promised me a few years ago that you could change the mod years if it is for custom players? Many friends have been asking to use the Classic mod for this year.



I am currently working on a redesign that is set to release this winter. This will also include a rework of squads and mods, which would also have this functionality. So hopefully in a few months!


Why is it not DISQUS ?

because of a bot that liked comments

The main reason is that you can easily get notifications when other users reply to you or comment on your stuff. In addition, it will later on make it easier to share stuff; you will simply be able to click on a user's name and it will show all their public mods, squads, cups etc. 

It just allows me to be a bit more flexible in expanding on the website.

How could you make that ?

Hey Joshua, I got suggestions of gamemodes


N°1 - Career mode

N°2 - Online mode

N°3 - Women's World Cup mode

  1. wait for it
  2. simulate matches
  3. simulate a group-knockout cup with women's teams, preferably the 2023 one with the same groups as the actual ones or seeding them by confederation (2 for uefa max, haiti can't be in a group with a south american team and panama can't be in a group with an asian or oceanian team). for third-place match, simulate a quick cup match with the losing semifinalists, if one of them is a host, put it first and apply home advantage

By Women's World Cup 2023, I meant like World Cup 2022

why not make it manually

There isn't all women teams

oh. you should ask larsson for the missing teams and players because these are the teams in fc 24 

Career mode is a longterm goal

By online mode, do you mean a multiplayer mode? Because that is also on my wishlist

Women's World Cup: the problem is indeed that not all teams are availabe, so I just do not have sufficient data for that. However, more events like World Cup will be added soon!

Hello Larsson


Can you add the teams of the Women's World Cup 2023 ?

No, sorry.

Got a little too much that's still planned. I also stopped with making international teams.

why is the world cup page still there? it's been 10 months since the final

Yeah he's right

Will also be fixed in upcoming updates!

suggestion: option to disable all notifications.

Is their a spreadsheet or database available with players base stats?

Well, the data is now based on so you could go there

Hi, thanks for letting me know, any chance you could let me know how attacking is calculated? And which sofifa update was used?

Attacking is the value for 'ST' in the real overall rating.

The update was September 26.

Any options for unmark all notifications would be nice, now i need to click 1 by 1 for 30 notifications :D

Agree! Will add this

I was thinking, during cup tournaments, there should be Injuries, what I was thinking how it'd work is when a player starts on a team to many times without being subbed, their risk of being injured increases, and the maximum percentage would be around 50%, and when it's reached it would spin for a random injury, if they were to play another game without resting.

Injuries are planned.

so i had just created my modded clubs and I was playing it on the quick match mode but when I tried to create a cup using the clubs I did not have the option to choose the modded clubs

That's weird, only thing I can think of is you did not have the same season selected, the mod was deactivated or you selected an international tournament instead lf club or vice versa. If that still doesn't work, let me know the name of the mod then I can investigate

I get it know I had my mods set at 2022-23


What the "randomize other attributes" button works for ? (in mod editing)

Ahh, that shouldn't be in there. I started working on it but abandoned it, but it accidentally went through with last update. Thanks for letting me know, will fix that asap.

Thank you

Probably it suggested before but do you think of adding player's match ratings and Man of the match feature? Match stats are awesome but plain player stats are not looking good i would like to see who played how at the end :)

Can we run all matchday at once instead of 1 by 1? i didnt find something like that and it would be nice to add aswell ;)

one more thing, i think this game deserve more management options in tactic menu. Not only pick a tactik and fill players in.

-Press intensity/type ( Contain- defending half- full court etc.)

-Pass style( long, to the wings, direct, etc.)

-Playing style ( Attacking, defensive, keep ball, counter attack etc.)


-Match ratings are planned

-More tactics are also planned for the match engine update. This will also be an important step towards a career mode and multiplayer modes

Cool thanks. How about simulating at once? a match day or a full tournament?

I suggest adding the missing formations in FC 24 from the fifplay website. E.g. 5-1-2-2. Most of the (none of the FUT-only) formations in FC are in the simulator.

suggestion: second yellow card icon should be a square split in two equal parts of yellow and red (like two triangles)

Can you make something a little bit like Player career mode or manager career mode?

It's planned!

Would be great to know who's leading for the most matches simulating (and how many). I'm ranked #110 at the time of writing. 

I am thinking of adding leaderboards for that!

Hi Joshua! First I would like to thank you for all your work and say I really love what you do with it. It is really great!

I have some suggestions that I think will improve the experience using the simulator:

1. Substitutes: Right now the simulator takes random 3 players from the bench and bring them into the field, regardless their rating or position (except a GK). There should be an option to set up the 3 substitues while making the line-up (choosing the player who going out and the one who replace him). If that option is a bit comlex to create, at least the simulator should pick the best 3 players from the bench, the same way it picks the best 10 outfield players for the national teams. (I had a match when I put Mbappe on the bench for 'realism' and he didn't come in all the match).

2. Shirt Numbers: I think it will be cool and will improve the experience if each player will have a shirt/squad number. It won't affect the match, it will only be displayed on the line-up menu next to the players' position and in the match screen when the player do something in the game. In the national teams I guess it's more complicated so it can be automotic like the England national team thing when the starting 11 are always numbers 1-11.

(I know it can be really hard to go over every player and now add a number so if you want- my friends and I will be able to make an Excel/Google-Sheets file with the needed database of shirt numbers.)

3. Custom Nation's Flag: There is a bug for a couple of years by now that you can't see a custom nation's logo (with no difference if it's your mod or someone else's), and you just see the gray default badge. So it made me think- when fixing that, there should be no option while creating a new nation in the mod creator, and the nation's logo can be only rectangle that you can change its colors so it will represent the nation flag.

Again I will say that I love all of your work and and hopefully the simulator will be better and better. (And sorry if it is hard to understand me, English isn't my natural language)

I like your 3rd idea;

However, I would be against your 2nd idea. As someone who makes lots of mods, I would be against having to add more and more data. It will slow down the progress.

I use your mods and I understand what you say, but you can think about it like the fact you set the nationality to a player that his nation doesn't exist in the database (For example:  Kangwa from Crvena Zvezda who is from Zambia) so you already getting slow by adding a lot of data that doesn't affect the game. This data is there for fun and realism (:

really like your mods by the way 

Thank you!


On idea 1, i would also like substitution for goalkeepers especially for serious injuries (planned) and them being sent off. If all 3 subs are used or no sub gk is available then there should be an outfield player in goal with their name mentioned.

Thanks for the suggestions!

  1. There will be a way to deterimine your bench sizes + amount of substitutions later on. The idea of presetting who comes on for who, is interesting. Further down the line I would also like users to be able to make manual substitutions during the game.
  2. I was actually thinking about shirt numbers some time ago. I do have them available in my dataset, so that could work. And as for Larsson's concern, we could also just randomly generate shirt numbers
  3. Forgot about it a bit and you're right, I do want to add a flag editor, just haven't gotten to it yet.

Thanks for the kind words :)

Randomly generate? But why? They should be the real-life ones if implemented but change every season (e.g. bellingham 5 in madrid and 10 in england) and shirt numbers in national teams change over the season. I am against shirt numbers for that.

The comment section is bugging sometimes for me. 

This happens after I get an error several times when I want to submit the reply. And when I refresh, I see my tons of my comments being submitted.

What is the error you get?

It is the 10 second error (posting comments throws an error and refreshing sends a lot of them). It has happened to me.

And does it only happen for replies?

For me, yes. 

Bug should be fixed now, but if you encounter it again, let me know!

I feel like goalies being booked is more common than in reality. Besides excessive time-wasting (a bookable punishment not yet in the simulator that happens usually very late in the game), you should refer to law 12 - dogso.

Brother, love ur simulation system❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????????????????????

Plz make a cricket simulator for cricket lovers like us❤️ love u

This site is about football. There won't be cricket

Sadly, I have to agree with Larsson for now. Maybe sometime in the future the website might be extended with other sports but for now there is still a lot of other features we have to focus on first.

Sadly no cricket, but a simulation of different sports. Very useful. 

who tf watches cricket bro????????????????????????☠

joshua i have a suggestion, since u added a way to see ur activity position, why not make a list that updates weekly to know the most active users on this website? might feel useless but its gonna be cool honestly

Just mentioned to PrinceAgent36 that I am indeed thinking of adding leaderboards!

Hey Joshua,

Any chance we would set the game time zone to our location's time? coz its hard for me to set things up with how it looks now.

eg: here time in my location is 04.41 and the time shows in edited mods shows -3 hours.

2023-10-19 08:33:13 (updated on 2023-10-25 01:42:18)


And you this is unanswered :) Can we run all matchday at once instead of 1 by 1? i didnt find something like that and it would be nice to add aswell ;)


For all matchday at once, it will come soon. Just wait. 

Thanks for reply ;)

Timezones are planned as well! They now all show the UTC date

on substitutions: i think subs should be made when a player is tired, performing poorly or booked/risk of being sent off apart from tactical reasons. when subs in extra time are implemented, i suggest there should be a chance for last-minute substitutions, in almost all non-injury cases for penalty shoot-out preparation (sometimes even subbing off the gk)

bug: if you cancel an edit on a long message the message is clipped, forcing a reload

Does this still happen for you? And can you explain more clearly what happens? Just tried it out for myself and had no problem..

Yes it does. In the article about commentary, all of my (and the) comments are long. When i click edit in one of these and then cancel an edit, you only see part of the message.

Small bug for notification icon. When there is a new notifications you can click on icon and it shows the text where you mentioned and if click on it you navigates there but notification still stands unread. to clear you have to go ''View all'' its better if we click on the comment it nagivates us also remove the notification alert

You can mark them as read.

cant see anyting like that here?

In fact, they do mark as read when you click them. But since you are on the same page as the notification leads you to, it doesn't refresh.

I will add functionality so that it also marks as read while you're on the same page

Thats cool thanks ;)

bug : squads tab alyways give an error tab 

Thanks for letting me know, will fix asap!

just wanted to ask a small question aswell, is custom pfps coming out soon? 

For now: no. It is really difficult to make it secure and also comes with a lot of other technical challenges such as scaling, storage et cetera. Maybe one day, but it's more likely that you will be able to pick an avatar from a set that is provided by me

And to add to that: before that you will at least be able to pick your own color.

yea i get it, fair point

Is that Woodwork stats cosmetic kind or not? coz almost every sim i see at least 1 :) its far from reality if it effect the gameplay.

No, it's a reflection of real life football. I can look the percentage up for you, but if you look at the Premier League for last season, the woodwork was hit 272 times in 380 matches ~ 72% chance per match.

Wow! it means i mostly watch those %28 side :P

can these stuff be added in the tournaments? sounds like useless information but it will be fun i think

Agree, more stats will be coming :)

Just did a quick lookup in the database; in the last 5 million matches, the home team hit the woodwork 0.3807 times per match, the away team 0.3280 (in total: 0.7087 times per match, so that is also likely to be the chance of hitting the post)

I created a Group + knockout tournament. i would like to see all group fixtures but seems like i cant. why? i need to know who i will play next for a better strategy :)


Edit: dont know if its too much but i ned to roll back the simulated match. i ve click sim before edit lineups and all gone eternity :) the losing friend now asking a re-roll but i cant. I need this please...

Noted, upcoming schedule will be added.

lovely. thanks

joshua i have a question, if a subsititon happened, does the formation change or the player plays in the same position as the other player he got subbed in his place? and does out of position players impact on chances of scoring,etc

That's a really good point actually.. The formation doesn't change and I think that when an attacker is brought in for a defender, it doesn't really matter for the standard match engine but for the beta engine it does affect the strength of the team... Put it on my backlog, thanks.


This isn't a bug or anything, but when you make a squad, the AI will automatically chose formations and put the players on that you dont wont on the squad, and its kinda annoying because I have to change it before the match.

I am not entirely sure if this would help, but in a cup you can set a default formation (in Team Management) so that you don't have to change it before each match

i have a question, when/if career mode comes out, will online also come out one day?

and also the squads page is still bugged.
(this page isn't working)
match simulator is current unable to handle this request

He replied to you. Joshua knows it's bugged. Give him the time.

First, give Joshua the time to implement all things he wants. I've seen you ask this plenty of times, but it's planned. 

Can we add a calendar and a squad editor in competitions ?

Calendar? Why? And would it be purely cosmetic (imaginary dates e.g. 26 june 2024)? Btw for squad editor you can go to squads, create a squad and change the squad of the team to that one 

To go from gameweek to gameweek (so skip Matches) (BTW I knew we could create squads in squad but why not in the competition)

okey i found a glitch :) i had to try this coz we are getting interesting auto subs during game.

i put 7 Goal Keepers to the substution and then this happened :D

Turkey has 7 GKs on bench here.

I finished my UEFA-project. All UEFA countries now have at least 4 teams! 

Enjoy simulating! (I'll still add more and more teams)

Nice! Will feature them all

i've been working on this african teams mod, it has the best 32 african teams, if anyone wants to use it, but im currently working on players.

Hey Joshua, I firstly want to thank you!

Secondly, I have a big idea that would level up the gameplay. Custom logos and existing logos for teams. It would be very nice if it would be possible to do it. 

about existing logos, he cant use that because of the copyright system or something like that, about the custom logos not sure about that

Lecco (Italian Serie B) is missing.

And why is Ascoli always bugged, Haha

I fixed it in my Italy-mod

In what way is it bugged? For me it works..

Ascoli is filled with Lecco's players, and Ascoli's players are at Vicenza, a team that isn't even in EAFC.

Last seaon Ascoli's players were in Vicenza too, while that team wasn't even in Fifa 23, and the team Ascoli was somehow not in MatchSim.

Oh, that is really weird indeed... Means that either the sofifa data is wrong or that my teams database is incorrect, will look into it

Hello, I want to thank you for all the work you have done on this website!

Will you add the possibility to create a 24-teams tournament like the Euros or the AFCON for example? Second, is it possible, when you create a competition, to give a home advantage to just one team (the host)? I think it would be even more realistic

These two things will be very useful when people will simulate the Euros before, during and after the real one

theres alot of good suggestions going on honestly, im surprised

24-team cups will be introduced at one point, same as the new Champions League format and the much requested MLS format

Thanks! And take your time, we will wait to all the time you need to do the best you can!

Does someone experience problems during match simulations with the fast forward/skip to score-button? It pauses the simulation for me

Yeah I have the same problem too

Please share a match where this happens, I just made an update

It pauses when you hit the skip to end button, and when it starts again the home team scores on and on

Now it works again, thank you!

Thanks for reporting! Had to do with caching issues, thought I fixed all of that but apparently forgot about this one line... 

it happens for me but often does

Why cant the mods made by Larsson just be in the base game, they add lots of teams with good ratings and all the players. I also wanted to do some sort of career mode, but because you cant edit imported mods (obviously) i pretty much couldnt.

This is because those teams are not in EA's FC24.

But thank you for liking them!

when will there be a button in the tournament simulate the entire tournament at once and when the career mode?

It's on the planned list.

And about the career mode, it will come (eventually; it's takes lots of time to make that).

Joshua Please tell me this is doable...

dont know if its too much but i need to roll back the simulated match. In tournament i ve click sim before edit lineups and all gone eternity :) the losing friend now asking a re-roll but i cant. I need this please...

Oh, just for one time I can roll it back for you, just need the match url


thanks a lot so if i made same mistake i can ask you right? :D but better give us the manuel controls of this to light your burden a bit? ;)


Edit: will you just re-run the game or it will be appear somewhere in my tournament to me to run :D coz there are squads i need to edit there.

Can't promise that, if it just so happens I am working on the project I can do it, but you can't rely on it. 

Btw, it is possible some strange behaviour may occur as this is not the regular flow of the application, so keep that in mind


Edit: but since it's all matchday 1, should be no problem. However, I won't rollback any player stats (goals, assists, yellow cards)

if it will make any furter problems lets keep it as it is then. coz now i have 1 furious manager i dont want 23 of them if we faild the process :D thanks anyway.

For next time, might be useful to let all of your managers make their own public squad, you import those squads and set them as default in team management. Then they can update it as they'd like and when you click sim you will always have the most up-to-date squad

they have all their mods but that Uruguay maanger missed deadline to send me link. so he had to suffer wih heavy rotation but i click SIM before edit :D 

Removed the match, so go ahead

justice now found the path :D Uruguay lost as his managers inactivity. thanks Joshua i hope i will be more carefull to do those sims in future ;)

Can one of the community make a national team (I'm lazy)

I already saw a mod for international teams.

For the 2023-24 season

Yes, I thought I've seen a mod

Tell me the URL and the Name of the mod

It's the most imported non-featured mod, so you should be able to see it, Haha

Nevermind, I downloaded it

Hi,i have an idea for My cups, because i want a ranking for team to know wich team the best is. Also player transfer for each player and Money for the teams, custom sponsors (Not oficial sponsors) and player salary

Player transfer and that, why? Just why??

First, its an idea for this. Second, Soccerteams do that. Third, its to get the soccerteam better than the other team.

Agree with your first suggestion, have been thinking about adding predictions or odds or something like it at the start of the cup.


As for your other suggestions, they will come with the career mode functionality

on injury time: i suggest there be a number below 45+1'+ and 90+1'+ (e.g. 5') that in the future can change when neccessary (e.g. to 7').

This comment was deleted.

I really encourage discussing real life football (it's a direction I want this website to go in), so that's okay. But please do not comment for everything that happens (e.g. a substitution is not interesting; this is not a live feed). I promise that actual events and live matches will come to Match Simulator soon and then that will be the place where you can leave those comments. Thanks!

Thank you for encourraging the project


P.S. : Can you tell everyone to stop sending commentaries during the games ?

I don't really understand what you mean. Please understand that this is the contact page, where you can discuss and request features and get in touch with me or other community members. Please keep it related to this website. I will add different pages to discuss real life football later. Thanks

Thank you

And that's finished ! Manchester City slaps Man United 3-0 !

This comment was deleted.

im a city fan but why would you post it there

For the ones who wants to see it

First of all, this is a comment section, not the chat party. Secondly, there are barely peoples using the comments. To be honest, i'll ask to remove these messages with the timeline, that's so unecessary here. Joshua is right btw. And i mean it, remove those unnecessary messages pls. 

Hey, would it be possible to integrate the most important Russian clubs in the game (like Zenit, ZSKA, Krasnodar or Rostow)? I'd like to put them in my Champions League :D Thanks!

You can use Larsson's mod:

Thanks, didn't see that one

Why ther is no 5 sub but only 3

Can you change from 3 sub into 5 sub

be patient, it will come later

Will be in a future update!

@RUDY_2011 Just incase you haven't saw my reply, please remove those unnecessary messages, it's not a chat party.

I did what you said, I deleted the unnecessary messages(1 message)


I remind you the ceremony of the Ballon d'Or is today at 20h45

Timezone exist, so 20h45 on which zone? All what i know is 14h45 on my side. 

In France

@RUDY_2011 just dont announce here, there are barely peoples watching the comments. Also, we can find all infos other than here. 

i suggest goalkeepers can score. virtually all examples: 

  1. last-minute equaliser (even winner) after a set-piece situation (vast majority of cases involve a header)
  2. penalty kick, usually 7-11th (depending in how many players are on the field) taker in shootouts
  3. taking a penalty for their side
  4. extremely, extremely rarely directly from a goal kick 

goalkeepers cannot score from a long throw, and the longest throw is nowhere near straight at the goalie (61m)

i also suggest the possibility of having tournaments with no extra time (except (even including the final), e.g. copa américa/libertadores/sudamericana (no extra time except the final) and leagues cup (no extra time at all, penalties in group stage)). not suggesting replays because it might be difficult (in the fa cup, which has a "weird" order (80 > 40 > 64 teams in the first three rounds, replays in third and fourth round). in knockout tournaments with odd number of participants, i suggest the team that receives a bye is the strongest one.

on injuries (planned): if a substitution is made due to an injury, there should be a white cross in a red circle in the top right of the sub icon. injury subs could be at half-time and i suggest players can be sidelined due to an injury in training.

  • I agree, but the chances for a goalkeeper are so small that they currently don't fit in the match engine. Maybe later ;)
  • Tournaments without extra time: already on the backlog, as well as replays
  • Agree with the bye, but I would prefer to allow users to select any team from the cup
  • Agree

I feel like there is a "first-half bias" where cards are more likely to be shown in the first half as well as a card bias -besides foul bias- when the weaker team has e.g. 6 cards and the stronger team has 0.

Hmm, there is no explicit bias for when fouls occur so that would have been coincidence. That weaker teams get more cards is however an effect of the match engine, which is the same problem as good teams getting all the shots while a bad team doesn't shoot at all. When the game engine is updated, this will be resolved as well.

I mean foul bias as in 20 weak and 0 strong team fouls.

Messi is now the 2023 Ballon d'Or, 8th time !

The contact page is meant to be used for discussions related to Match Simulator.

Thank you

So I can't say real life football now ?

No, sorry, I will probably add a forum/discussion page for that soon

In the Event page, talking about real life football is fine, and I understand that that is not up to date at the moment but I am also hoping to update that too soon!

I am thinking of adding something like a forum, where you can make your own topics and comment whatever you'd like. You could make topics to discuss real-life football, request mods, discuss cups/matches et cetera. How would you feel about this? And is there functionality for forums that I should not forget about?

And is there functionality for forums that I should not forget about?


Forum moderators :D coz it will be a mess without and you cant handle all those.

On extended injury time (future): Want to clarify that it shouldnt be based off arbitrary rules of thumb which are also low. Already in mail but because of no response yet due to you being busy (not forcing btw) i posted it here.

This contact-section is meant for those topics. Joshua will read it if you put it here.

minor issue: spelling mistake in notifications: "1 unread notifications" when it should be "1 unread notification".

bro, plz add jersey mod like home kit and away kit system, it will be cool. and add 4 teams group in 48 teams tournament. also can u add news report in tournament mod?

MatchSim is still under development, those things are on the ideas-list.

And Brother plzz Its my req plz add Bangladesh and like many small teams. btw this time just add bangladesh

You can make Bangladesh yourself by creating a mod.

Also, you can look at existing mods if they contain Bangladesh.

For exemple: Match Simulator | Mod 'Every National Team 2023/24'

can you pls create a penalty shootout mode

Interesting, how would that work, can you explain that a bit?

Hello brothers, can anyone make a Qatari Stars League mod with teams like Al Rayyan, Al Duhail, Al Sadd, Al Arabi SC?

You can make by yourself, there's too many suggestions regarding leagues. 

This might be a stupid suggestion but maybe add icons that are in fc 24 to the website 

You can create a mod

True. You can't only make mods for teams, but also for logos.

In fact I've already made a mod for icons u can go check it out ????

Can I ask what's its called

Is the one he refers to I think. You can now click on someone's name or avatar to go to their profile and find their creations!

It's ok I found it 

Hey Joshua,

Some of my friends who playing in my hosted tournament asked if we can put a ''play'' button instead of click on results to watch games. coz it spoils the final result and you know it kills the fun to watch. Can we have it?

Im not joshua but im against it tbh. The final result is already spoiled. Its also unpredictable to know if a match will end 5-3 without spoiling the final result.

i am talking about here. i didnt get what you are talking about?

complete rewording: use the fast forward button, shows only important commentary.

why you are talking about far away things from main object here :D

context: if you want to see the fun while not spoiling the final result, you can click the skip forward button to see how the match progresses while wasting fewer time.

Why you cant understand the issue here? :D i am talking about the results are open to see for others who doesnt want to see. I am hosting a tournament with 23 friends take place. Do you get it now? when they navigate to the tournament they see their result before watching it which is killing their fun.


I understand, might be a cool idea. Added to my backlog

Thanks a lot ;)

And Joshua while we are there, anychance we can put in options like '' save all games for this tournament'' coz its critical to do 1 by 1 for big tournaments as i am hosting now. and last match day i forgat to click few matches and ppl cant see what has happened there :D so it would be very very nice. Thanks.


here it should be perfect i think. with a check box Save All Match Details.



Hmm, I see the problem. But adding this option means that most users would just select it and that would lead to huge storage issues... I will have to think about it

Plan B: Can we add at least save all current matchday with 1 click :D this would work too.

Should it be added, it should only be present in public cups because only the cup's creator can see results in private ones.

You say so? check this then this is my private cup ;)

oh, i didnt know. thats a loophole

Hey Joshua you could to do mod on 1 League Poland?

Referring to the 2nd division? You can make it yourself.

Hey joshua, guess what? I made my own match! (Its password protected btw so not sending link)


This comment was deleted.

Sorry, I had to delete your comment as it bugged the styling because of the image not loading.

i was going to delete it myself but thanks because i copied and pasted instead of giving a source for the image

This comment was deleted.

The image url seems to be wrong...


This is the source of your image, but as you can see it does not exist

i see it. it only pop ups an error when you delete the ?o=1 because i immediately deleted it

I don't understand what you mean. But you can either just copy (Ctrl+C > Ctrl+V) an existing image in your textbox, or use another image hosting platform and copy the image source in the popup that is shown when you click the image icon.

i still see the image, but if you go to its when it pops up an error "The specified key does not exist."

update: new link, also ctrl+c > ctrl+v doesnt work, thats what i tried for the first image but it bugged for some reason


Bug: some members are members since november -0001. Also, missing user ids redirect to user/login for some reason.

Where do you see missing user ids?

I noted the other bug, thanks for letting me know

Examples: ids 5 and 8.

Ah, so you change the URL manually i guess? Correct behaviour would be to go to a 404, will change that, thanks

yes for ids

Hey Joshua! Do you possibly have plans of making this a kind of "career mode" thing where it carries across multiple seasons, possibly with growth and shrinking of player ratings?

it's on the works, you have to wait. this has been suggested a lot of times.

I see, thanks a lot for letting me know!

Hey Joshua, could you make it possible to add your own pngs/jpgs/imgs as custom logos for teams and even modded teams. It would be very helpful. Thanks!

Maybe one day, but allowing image uploads poses a huge security risk so first I'd have to make sure that is all good. Besides, the technical aspects of cropping/resizing/showing the image are also quite difficult so for now I am focusing on other functionality

hi joshua you should put all countries in of World

make mods

I am not adding additional teams or countries unless I want them myself. For any extra teams/countries/players, I developed the Mods functionality so you can create it yourself or import other user's mods.

You should add a mechinisim so you can automatically simulate a cup. I assume this in the works?

You mean simulate a whole cup at once? That is planned

I am downloading mods, but they aren't working.

Have you made sure to tick them as activated?

You need to activate the mods after downloading/importing them under the section labelled My Mods. If it still doesn't work make sure the version (season) of the mod and the game is the same (e.g. make sure both are 2023-2024) or the mods u activated won't work

Thanks Wingsofnight, great explanation. Does it work now @Polsoccer?

It still doesn't show the teams. This might be some sort of bug.

Yea they are activated

Is the mod from the right season?

Yup, everything is form the right season, and the mod is activated, I even tried it on my ALT account. This is the same with other mods.

That's weird. I don't know how to help.

I don't think it's bugged, however. Doesn't seem like anyone has the same problem...

I used to have that problem then one day it suddenly started working miraculously. So maybe just wait and hope it works

K thanks



If you let me know the ID or the url of the mod(s) I can investigate

All right thanks.

It isn't only one, it is every one of the mods I have.

I will investigate a bit more in depth later, but I checked with your public mod which works for me. You said you also tried it with an alternative account, did it work for you there?

Nope, it didn't work with my alternative account, it could be my PC.

By the way, thanks for helping me.

Is the server having issues or is my internet just acting up?

I have no problems, any particular moments or pages the website doesn't work?

It works fine again now, I think my phone was just having some trouble :)

Is it possible to change team names as a mod? Just to shorten some of the teams that have long names.

We need this - I wanna type Man United and find them, not Manchester United.

Not possible at the moment, but noted

Why the game go so slow . Please fix this problem .

u can speed it up by urself, or sim to the end of the game using the arrows.


the problem is  the game is slow for open a match 

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Is the in-game time too slow for you? Then look at what Kantyyy said. If you are having page loading issues, please let me know which pages you encounter the problem.

season update 2024/25 you will put more than 50 countries in the World




Probably, current season has 96 countries..

put 4 more countries to complete 100 countries

nope he can't because he uses fc 24 data. also 100 countries is nothing special.

Hello Joshua, would it perhaps be an idea to create a Trello board or something similar so we can see what you've got planned for the website?

There already is a Trello board.

Maybe Joshua can give you the link.

however its outdated

best website 

I had a Trello board indeed, but since I use another tracking board for my personal tracking it is difficult to keep it all up to date simultaenously. I will think about it

Is it a public tracking board?

the trello board he had is, but the one he uses rn is private

I wish we could create a league with different levels like real football leagues

What do you mean?

A cup with multiple divisions and promotion/relegation?

League not Cup

Like Premier League & Championship

That's what I meant.

Sounds interesting!

I wish we can do it

My guess is that this is already something Joshua wants, otherwise I'm sure he'd add it to the ideas-list.

I hope that

Yup, will also be a requirement for Career mode so it is planned

Joshua l have suggestions for update the 2024/25 season

Number 1: career mode

Number 2: Online mode

Number 3: New fomat of UEFA Champions League 2024/25

This is The suggestions of my opinion ; )

Please remember that Joshua is no magician. It will take lots of time to do that. Of course, we all would love that, including Joshua. But keep in mind that you'll need patience for that. There are lots of other things on the ideas-list.

  1. Planned
  2. I think you mean a multiplayer cup? Also planned!
  3. Will be there in time 

multiplayer Cup is very good :D


The multiplayer Cup will be good

I hope to add the ability to modify team players (delete and add players), for example in custom cups and others...

You can do that with mods.

But cannot import a team and modify players of the team like import real madrid 23/24 and add ronaldo to team

You can, in fact, under the Edit Player section of a mod. In the example given simply type Ronaldo into the part asking for name and edit the team to Real Madrid instead of Al Nassr

Thanks for explaining!

Ah thank you i understand now

Joshua created best website : )


created my mod logo of teams Brazilans


does anybody know why isnt besiktas above galatsaray even tho they have more GD?

Huh, never seen that happen before. Do you have a link to the cup?

 my god

i think H2H goes first not GD but i dont know

besiktas beat galatsaray 3-0 and 2-0 not sure if its about h2h

Not too sure if wins are the priority, but there should be list of priorities incase of the tie. 

Beşiktaş win 3-0 first match and 2nd match Galatasaray win 2-0 so here first look for H2H results thats why. But i think H2H better come later like;

sorted on points > goal difference > goals for > H2H

Well, I never implemented Head to head actually, I do want to add a cup setting where you can choose the tiebreaker. But I really don't understand how this could go wrong, as it just makes a simple calculation points > gd > goals scored > alphabetical

H2H must be there dude other wise my clients gonna kill me if the stuation ended up like that :P

Can you try to allow us to choose H2H or GD as the tiebreaker like with European tournaments, Serie A or La Liga?

Hi Joshua, I asked this idea on Reddit but I just found out you respond more here. Apologies.


You can choose a form for each team such as amazing, decent, terrible, and so many more. 

I love this idea, and in tournaments (or the upcoming career mode) this can be set automatically based on how the team performs

it could hypothetically cause bias though (e.g. favorite team of the simulator amazing and the rest of the teams terrible)

Apologize for not replying on Reddit, difficult to keep track of all the channels...

I have been thinking about form, but as Someoneisone correctly points out, I am a little hesitant to implement it as it might have pretty big consequences. One aspect is for example a really bad team, when they lose three games in a row they are not necessarily out of form because this would be expected, while a really strong team losing one game might already indicate being out of form. So form should be relative to the strength of the team. That makes it a bit more difficult... 

created my mod: teams Brazilans logo 2023/24 ; )

and? this isn't the place to discuss that

Well if you have created something nice to share I very much encourage you to share it here. But it would be helpful to put a link as well

suggestion: promotion and relegation play-offs in leagues, head-to-head, away goal (if there is home advantage) and champion/relegation (future) play-offs if h2h record and away goals between the teams (e.g. 1-2 and 17-18th placed) are tied (e.g. 0-0 and 0 away goals). another tiebreakers i suggest are fair play points (yellow -1, second yellow -3, direct red -4 and yellow and direct red -5) and drawing of lots (in fifa competitions, so i suggest an option to choose whether or not have these two)


Keep up the good work!

One thing I would suggest is raising the league limit to 36 teams, for the upcoming champions league format

season 2024/25




The upcoming Champions League format will not actually be a league. I will make sure that the actual format will be implemented before the start!

Wow, just noticed you have over 100K matches simulated and have been here since December 2021, thanks for staying along for the ride :)

Yep :), I've used this a lot with mock competitions and experimenting with formats

I've suggested this before, and I believe Joshua has planned adding the Swiss league system that UCL will soon start using.

hey, i wanted to ask if u could make the pen taker picked and not forced by the highest stat, im not sure if this is on planned list but not sure if someone would want to see mac allister taking penalties in liverpool instead of salah. 

Could be an extra option if you make a custom squad perhaps.

Yes, editing roles would be a nice addition (e.g. corner kick taker, penalty taker, and maybe later captain and free kick taker). Noted.

Hi, How i can set custom lineups without putting them Again and Again?

go to my squads > create squad. after creating and saving a squad, go to the main page and in line-ups choose "custom". when you go to line-ups load the squad preset. that's if you're simulating a quick match and not in a cup. for cups, click manage teams in the cup page and change the default squad of the team to yours. you can also import public squads.