Mod: El Classico from 00s

A mod by Danil040707

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Contains Real Madrid and Barcelona squads from 2000 to 2010

Mod version: 2022/2023
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2022-10-06 17:31:29
Latest update: 2022-10-11 17:28:35
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    L. FigoReal Madrid of the 00sPortugalRW92898592897264
    S. RamosReal Madrid of the 00sSpainRB87437666675086
I. CasillasReal Madrid of the 00sSpainGK92323030588338
M. SalgadoReal Madrid of the 00sSpainRB86516681777871
R. CarlosReal Madrid of the 00sBrazilLB91767789848478
S. RamosReal Madrid of the 00sSpainCB87437666675086
D. BeckhamReal Madrid of the 00sEnglandRM92829098957273
C. MakeleleReal Madrid of the 00sFranceCDM90463971798558
Z. ZidaneReal Madrid of the 00sFranceCAM96919094967587
L. FigoReal Madrid of the 00sPortugalRW90888390887264
RonaldoReal Madrid of the 00sBrazilST96988975818284
RaulReal Madrid of the 00sSpainCF92968370829196
F. HierroReal Madrid of the 00sSpainCB91567564769294
F. MorientesReal Madrid of the 00sSpainST89928872779296
SávioReal Madrid of the 00sBrazilLW84857674815670
S. McManamanReal Madrid of the 00sEnglandLM88787186837472
I. HelgueraReal Madrid of the 00sSpainCB88526678799086
GutiReal Madrid of the 00sSpainCAM89847880925961
J. DudekReal Madrid of the 00sPolandGK816441640501
RobinhoReal Madrid of the 00sBrazilLW84657878787351
V. ValdésBarcelona of the 00sSpainGK9092610308011
PuyolBarcelona of the 00sSpainCB92355570688692
R. MarquezBarcelona of the 00sMexicoCB88527066758988
G. Van BronckhorstBarcelona of the 00sSpainLB86688692785084
F. de BoerBarcelona of the 00sNetherlandsCB87647980829085
XaviBarcelona of the 00sSpainCM93768091956552
RivaldoBarcelona of the 00sBrazilCAM93898889887577
A. IniestaBarcelona of the 00sSpainCAM87706585875454
L. MessiBarcelona of the 00sArgentinaRW87858979745062
RonaldinhoBarcelona of the 00sBrazilLW95958990928855
S. Eto'oBarcelona of the 00sCameroonST93979279839284
P. KluivertBarcelona of the 00sNetherlandsST91908467809192
DecoBarcelona of the 00sPortugalCAM87737480874158
G. ZambrottaBarcelona of the 00sItalyRWB86667088827878
L. GiulyBarcelona of the 00sFranceCAM86817984775068
B. KrkícBarcelona of the 00sSpainCF82857977796162
EdmílsonBarcelona of the 00sBrazilCB84315221486988
BellettiBarcelona of the 00sBrazilRB83606388786872
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