Mod: FK Čukarički

A mod by Marinko

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Marinko did not add a description for this mod...

Mod version: 2021/2022
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2022-08-10 22:05:20
Latest update: 2022-08-14 18:59:35
Imported by 12 users


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Mod Log

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    M. BadamosiFK ČukaričkiGambiaST68706140496472
S. OwusuFK ČukaričkiGhanaRW69606460594250
I. NdiayeFK ČukaričkiSenegalRW71715164639474
N. VujadinovićFK ČukaričkiMontenegroCB68366763656463
B. RoganovićFK ČukaričkiMontenegroLB68356171636565
N. MicovićFK ČukaričkiSerbiaGK671013211149
S. ŠapićFK ČukaričkiSerbiaCB71395660658273
B. KovačevićFK ČukaričkiSerbiaCB67345558647065
U. DrezgićFK ČukaričkiSerbiaCB66404853656667
N. TošićFK ČukaričkiSerbiaLB65384364526058
M. StevanovićFK ČukaričkiSerbiaRB67406270677071
V. RoganFK ČukaričkiSerbiaRB63293957505648
M. DočićFK ČukaričkiSerbiaCDM72517472736765
S. MijailovićFK ČukaričkiSerbiaCDM70626571676664
S. KovačFK ČukaričkiSerbiaCM69675465686566
J. LukićFK ČukaričkiSerbiaCM65694351496767
S. TomovićFK ČukaričkiSerbiaCAM66655059586765
Dj. IvanovićFK ČukaričkiSerbiaLW68707174686868
L. AdžićFK ČukaričkiSerbiaLW66616162637256
S. ČolovićFK ČukaričkiSerbiaRW67655468577068
M. SpasojevićFK ČukaričkiSerbiaST64643731495557
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