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Hi! I'm Joshua, the creator of Match Simulator.

This website was made as a hobby project in March of 2019. Since then, it has gotten a lot of interest from people all over the world. In December 2020 I found out that around 30K matches had been simulated, so I decided to take on the project again and try to make it even better.

If you like this project and want to contribute financially, that would be much appreciated! Any contribution helps me a lot and allows me to spend more time working on this project.



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The record has been broken: 126.8K matches simulated in 24 hours!

wow PAOK...

I just wanted to ask, how much do positions affect the simulation and specifically, does the engine take into account if a player is played out of position? And how much is it affected? Like if a RW is played at RM, will it affect their stats a lot? 

dont think they affect, but i THINK the stats is their best thing in the main position, like a 88 ovr rw with 82 attacking and 87 passing and 84 crossing would be better at RW than ST, and a striker gets more attacking chances than a centre back, so if you play a centre back at striker he wouldnt be able to score, and if you put a striker at centre back he wouldnt be able to defend

bug: dislikes are red likes in a user's mods and presets overview

What a second leg MCCLUTCHINAY  

WOW What a game,(there are regens) In this first leg

Is it possible in teams to show the rankings of teams and nations in your mod instead of the default ratings

Can you add that when i make a new leauge that the players overall rises after the season?

that is just.. wow

WHATTT: Barcelona won 7-0 to Manchester United ????

not a surprise with 7-0 xd

If I create custom players in a mod and assign them to a nation e.g. Curacao, will their ranking change?

mods do not affect the "teams" page.

But yes, in game they will be better

Hello everyone asked me the following question: Is there a mode allowing you to move up and down teams like in a real championship for example the last three of PL go down and the first 3 of championship go up

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At this moment, there is not.

Ok thank you

In this match there was some player called 'null' and he scored but if you look at the line-ups he wasn't in the squad. It happend before to me with Manchester City. Does anybody now how that came

I just did a simulation of Euro 2024 and Germany beat France 3-2 in the final, i just simulated it one game at a time, not in a cup

Hey, does anyone how to add players to a custom made national team? cuz i'm not able to find how

create a mod, create a national team, give it a name and a flag then create players and assign them to that national team.

That's the problem. I added custom national teams, then made a player, but the custom national team wasn't on the list of nationalities

You were in the same mod?

Yes, I made a mod, full of custom NT's, but when i was making players, those custom NT's didn't show up in the list of nationalities. While when i go to quick match, those NT's are there

Maybe try with "Created Players Country"?

I did, but i don't know how i can set them to one of the custom NT's. Because i'm assuming players under "created players country" aren't on the same NT

And you are sure your custom teams are actual nations? Maybe you can share your mod so that I can investigate. For me, when I create a nation, it just shows up


Double check: you are trying to create the players in the same mod as the mod where you created the nations?

Yes, in the same mod

If you'd like, please share the mod url so I can investigate.

and? do have an idea about the problem?

I just made myself the owner of the mod for a second, and for me they all show up in the nationality dropdown so I don't know why they wouldn't for you

I've figured it out. I tried to use those NT's from a different mod. They don't show up there. But from within the same mod they do. 

Hey Joshua is it possible to add the feature to save a edited squad for the rest of the cup because teams like Bayern munich have a weird formation and a weird lineup like davies cb and de ligt rb.So it gets tiresome when you have to edit the squads for every game. oh and btw i love this website it makes so much fun keep up the good work

There already is, if you are in the cup go to manage teams then select Bayern and then your squad!

Anyone here alive? It's back!


Real sorry, that is the bot activity. I will turn off emails for now until I'm sure thebproblem is solved

If you knew it was a bad thing, why did you still pressed? 

i opened it because i got confused when it said if you want to see that comment go on it ipressed the match sim link but it led me there

This afternoon and evening the website has been down as the result of a bot attack making more than 50 thousand accounts and comments, with more coming every second and spamming every comment thread they could find. I have taken some measures to prevent this from happening in the future, but I want to thank you all for flagging the comments so that I was able to at least notice the problem and take some preliminary precautions. 

I had to make quite some big changes, so if you encounter any problems, feel free to reach out!

The bug is that the you have been verified message appears even when logged out. happens when you click the verification link whilst logged out

hey Joshua, I think there is a problem on the site, I get a spam comment on every squad I did, got like 7 notifications on the last half hour, and every time it is from another user, but the spam comment is the same (link to a suspicious site)

I got the same notifications, we're looking into it.

Yea, every single squad I made is just spam comments and it links to a innapropriate site not for kids to go on the site.

Yep, i tried to block as many as i could but am not currently in a position to solve anything. Please keep flagging comments so we can easily block them and thanks for letting me know!


Another important note:

Try to avoid asking Joshua to add injuries. Keep in mind that he isn't a robot.

hey joshua you should add button that finish whole season so we can save our time and injuries to



Please look at the comment below you. And injuries are planned

if people keep suggesting that you should pin that comment.

i dont think they can pin 2 messages at once

thanks joshua

Important note: 

Many of you are wondering if it's possible to simulate faster (such as once per league or once per matchday). It will come probably on a premium feature, not yet confirmed when exactly. If possible, avoid asking the same question we have answered before. Thank you for your attention!

Hello, i really like this project but could you add a button that you can use for simulating your whole league? You are really THE G.O.A.T. created a whole new account to share this match

Why can't I simulate cup matches after the cup is over? It only occurs for cups created long ago

You mean rewatch the matches? Matches get cleaned up after 24 hours

Ah, I see. Thanks for the info

Hi guys. Tell me how to add mods and select teams from these mods?


Hello Joshua. Please do as before, so that the national team is displayed in the scorers' table, and not the club for which the player plays. And please add such teams as North Korea and Trinidad. And the Russian team is not entirely complete. I will be very grateful

Maybe in the next season Joshua will add more nationalities.

Hey Joshua after the international break this week, can you add a euro 2024 gamemode since all the qualifiers and groups will be done

I'm currently working on a redesign so my priorities are elsewhere, but I promise to add the EURO mode as quickly as i can!

Is it possible to chance the team rankings?

What do you mean exactly? Team rankings are based on the player ratings, so if you would change the player ratings in a mod, the team ranking would also change. Or do you mean the team rankings in the league table?

Ok, now I know. Thank you.

But how do I do that?


Go to mods, create a new mod, then edit the players you like. Then make sure to activate the mod under 'My mods'

Thank you so much!

Joshua, every 5 minutes my account logs me out while I'm using the site. Is there anything that fixes this?

Sorry, no. I dont have the problem myself so it is really hard to figure out what might cause it :(

So you stay signed in? You stay signed in for more than 5 minutes actually

Yep, never get logged out as long as I use it...

Here is World Cup 2026

Some results might shock you

What is the Match Engine ``Beta``

see a previous comment by based communist

 The Beta engine is also based on the attacking and defensive skills of a team. The regular engine only uses the overall ratings of a player.

I made Korea so op that in the final they won 5-0 Spain

????????5-0????????⚽ᕦ⁠ᶘ⁠ ⁠ᵒ⁠㉨⁠ᵒ⁠ᶅ⁠ᕤ


I removed every player from suriname (the lowest ranked national team) against brazil(the highest rated team in this game) and THEY ONLY WON 2-0 HOW DO YOU ONLY SCORE 2 GOALS WHEN NO OPPOSITION IS ON THE PITCH

Some things just don't make sense, do they?


Kk thanks

Hi can we simulate an entire matchday at the same time 

Not at the moment. Will probably be a premium feature later on


Just for fun: 

Concacaf all teams possible:
11 teams not available, 15 teams with a mod, 9 teams exist.
CAF all teams possible:
21 teams not available, 8 teams with a mod, 24 teams exist.
AFC (without 5 big teams):
25 teams not available, 11 teams with a mod, 10 teams exist. 
(P.S around 10 teams or less might be incomplete)

Credits to TheWorldCupMan for an amazing work with his mods.

You should turn them into hyperlinks by using the link button in the comment toolbar, makes it easier to view them :)

May i ask when the next update is coming, im so looking forward to it, thanks joshua and the team for making this W game

Aiming for a beta release at the end of March... once I have more details I will let you all know of course!

you should make it like fifa career mode where u can play in 2 cups like premier league and ucl and also make the players be able to sign for other clubs and increase or decrease ratings after season

I would love to! And this is definitely something that will happen down the line.. But there is just so much more I would like to add as well, I can only go one thing at a time unfortunately

In the League are we able to see future fixtures and in the knockout elimination can we watch the draw.

If these were added to the game it would make it ALOT more fun.

Future fixtures is included in the redesign, a live draw animation is a really nice idea, thanks!

So close for a record, 124.7K of 124.8K
2nd day in a row

Yeah.. and one day we even had 124.8k but just a slightly less number within those 800 :(

Wolves 2-3 Coventry 


CRAZY match!


Batshit crazy UCL quarterfinal

So close again to break a record for daily high score: 124.5K of 124.8K