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Exciting news: Match Simulator BETA will launch April 5

After months of hard work and finetuning, we are happy to share with you a first peek of the new Match Simulator. But more importantly, this Friday, April 5, we will launch Match Simulator BETA! Your chance to be the first to experience the new Match Simulator and contribute to the definitive release. The plan is to have the Beta exist alongside the regular Match Simulator until we are certain that it is ready to take over once and for all. So that's where we need you as well: by letting us know what you think, pointing out bugs, sharing your experience can go a long way towards an ideal Match Simulator. It is important to us what you think, to shape the future of Match Simulator. We will also reveal the new logo soon... so make sure to stay up to date and register for the BETA mailing list: beta.matchsimulator.com. Looking forward to finally share the results and hearing your reactions!