Mod: U.S. Cremonese FC

A mod by Max201

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New Serie A Team for 2022-23 Season

Mod version: 2021/2022
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2022-08-13 05:04:05
Latest update: 2022-08-13 05:44:13
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Mod Log

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    I. RaduU.S. Cremonese RomaniaGK7518151315916
    V. ChiricheșU.S. Cremonese RomaniaCB74575146567073
    L. LochoshviliU.S. Cremonese GeorgiaCB70243227426568
    E. AiwuU.S. Cremonese AustriaCB67393450557869
    G. QuagliataU.S. Cremonese ItalyLB66354356526349
    S. AscacíbarU.S. Cremonese ArgentinaCDM74394851618347
    C. PickelU.S. Cremonese SwitzerlandCDM72533959658776
    G. EscalanteU.S. Cremonese ArgentinaCDM75646067737560
    P. GhiglioneU.S. Cremonese ItalyRM70555976694557
    C. DessersU.S. Cremonese NigeriaST73776645548070
    D. OkerekeU.S. Cremonese NigeriaST74786545599370
M. SarrU.S. Cremonese SenegalGK681216226254
M. NdiayeU.S. Cremonese SenegalCB50212629395051
E. Valeri U.S. Cremonese ItalyLB73605562636970
M. BianchettiU.S. Cremonese ItalyCB70443854576970
G. Saro U.S. Cremonese ItalyGK641114126050
L. RavanelliU.S. Cremonese ItalyCB61303343516058
L. SernicolaU.S. Cremonese ItalyLB68555962626568
A. FiordalisoU.S. Cremonese ItalyRB70606459606358
M. CastagnettiU.S. Cremonese ItalyCDM66545559617073
T. MilaneseU.S. Cremonese ItalyCM63585459606060
L. ValzaniaU.S. Cremonese ItalyCM68605762626270
P. BartolomeiU.S. Cremonese ItalyCM59444560596077
F. NardiU.S. Cremonese ItalyCM70686065666055
J. TenkorangU.S. Cremonese ItalyCM59494457605948
C. AcellaU.S. Cremonese ItalyCM57504656595740
L. ZanimacchiaU.S. Cremonese ItalyRW78777580806070
F. TsadjoutU.S. Cremonese ItalyST65666058608078
S. Di CarmineU.S. Cremonese ItalyST67707948507973
D. CiofaniU.S. Cremonese ItalyST84908870789084
D. CiezkowskiU.S. Cremonese PolandGK58810114746
D. PoliticU.S. Cremonese RomaniaRF81837680826869
J. BáezU.S. Cremonese UruguayLW72686670765759
J. VásquezU.S. Cremonese MexicoCB73585561657072
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