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Probably Will Be Finished before Christmas

Mod version: 2021/2022
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2022-11-15 19:40:13
Latest update: 2022-12-08 18:13:15
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    Eugene MartinezPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBelizeCB47474747474747
    Everal TrappPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBelizeLB52525252525252
    Daniel GilfordPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBritish Virgin IslandsGK38383838383838
    Ikyjah WilliamsPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBritish Virgin IslandsCB38383838383838
    Kristian SamuelsPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBritish Virgin IslandsST36363636363636
    Sandy SanchezPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsCubaGK57575757575757
    N. WellsBristol CityBermudaST70707070707070
    O. HernándezNorwich CityCubaST71717171717171
    Tano BonninPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominican RepublicCB59595959595959
    Ronaldo VasquezPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominican RepublicLM55555555555555
    Ludovic BaalPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsFrench GuianaCM68686868686868
    N. SaintiniFC SionGuadeloupeCB55555555555555
    A. GravillonStade de ReimsGuadeloupeCB72727272727272
    T. AmbroseKV OostendeGuadeloupeRW68686868686868
    M. PhaëtonGrenoble Foot 38GuadeloupeST65656565656565
    F. DavidRodez Aveyron FootballGuadeloupeST66666666666666
    Emery WelshmanPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGuyanaST63636363636363
    S. Duke-McKennaLeyton OrientGuyanaST59595959595959
    N. Moriah-WelshNewport CountyGuyanaLM52525252525252
    T. OndaanFC U Craiova 1948GuyanaCM65656565656565
    K. AppinUD IbizaMartiniqueCM63636363636363
    B. ComleyWalsallMontserratRM60606060606060
    L. TaylorNottingham ForestMontserratST69696969696969
    Darren RiosPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsPuerto RicoCB58585858585858
    Z. ValentinHouston DynamoPuerto RicoLB68686868686868
    Vino BarclettPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint LuciaGK57575757575757
    T. ThomasCharlton AthleticSaint LuciaCB64646464646464
    Lemus ChristopherPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint Vincent & GrenadinesGK42424242424242
    Sebastian TurbyfieldPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsTurks And CaicosGK42424242424242
Mario WilliamsMacarthur FCBarbadosRM65656565656565
Brighton LabeauFC Lausanne-SportMartiniqueST69696969696969
Antonio SanturroParmaDominican RepublicGK58585858585858
Charles TillettPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBelizeGK534721185
Everal TrappPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBelizeLB52383246434742
Eugene MartinezPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBelizeCB47312735383642
Norman AndersonPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBelizeRB54545454545454
Horace AvilaPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBelizeLM51515151515151
Darrel MyvettPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBelizeCM53535353535353
Luis TorresPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBelizeCM55555555555555
Warren MossPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBelizeRM49494949494949
Krisean LopezPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBelizeST52525252525252
Deon McCaulayPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBelizeST58585858585858
Deshawon NembhardPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBelizeCB60606060606060
Danniell BaileyPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsAnguillaGK40101010101010
Kieron Lake-BryanPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsAnguillaLB43434343434343
Javille BrooksPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsAnguillaCB36363636363636
Luke ParisPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsAnguillaCB44444444444444
Tafari SmithPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsAnguillaRB37373737373737
Kian DuncanPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsAnguillaCDM41414141414141
Germain HughesPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsAnguillaCDM42424242424242
Calvin MorganPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsAnguillaLM36363636363636
Tyrique LakePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsAnguillaCAM40404040404040
Varian CartyPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsAnguillaRM39393939393939
Jonathan GuishardPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsAnguillaST42424242424242
Eric AbdulPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsArubaGK40101010101010
Nickenson PaulPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsArubaRB46464646464646
Darryl BälyPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsArubaCB49494949494949
Fernando LewisPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsArubaCB50505050505050
Diederick LuydensPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsArubaLB52525252525252
Gregor BreinburgPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsArubaRM62626262626262
Walter BennettPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsArubaCM45454545454545
Franklin Lewis Players Not In Fifa TeamsArubaCM46464646464646
Benjamin MariaPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsArubaLM48484848484848
Jayson HalmanPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsArubaST50505050505050
Terence GroothusenPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsArubaST49494949494949
Vance WheatonPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBahamasGK42424242424242
Evelt JulmisPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBahamasCB44444444444444
Troy PinderPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBahamasCB41414141414141
Alexiou CartwrightPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBahamasCB43434343434343
Roen DavisPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBahamasLM44444444444444
Jean FrancoisPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBahamasCM46464646464646
Michael MasseyPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBahamasCM40404040404040
Christopher RahmingPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBahamasRM50505050505050
Jordin WilsonPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBahamasLW42424242424242
Lesly St. FleurPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBahamasST47474747474747
Peter JulmisPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBahamasRW45454545454545
Kishmar PrimusPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBarbadosGK58181818181818
Ricardio MorrisPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBarbadosLB61616161616161
Sheran HoytePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBarbadosCB58585858585858
Akeem HillPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBarbadosCB56565656565656
Krystian PearcePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBarbadosRB64646464646464
Nadre ButcherPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBarbadosLM63636363636363
Omani LeacockPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBarbadosCM53535353535353
Hadan HolliganPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBarbadosCM59595959595959
Niall Reid-StephenPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBarbadosCM60606060606060
Roshon GittensPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBarbadosST56565656565656
Dale Eve Players Not In Fifa TeamsBermudaGK59595959595959
Dante LeverockPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBermudaLB60606060606060
Reece Jones Jr.Players Not In Fifa TeamsBermudaCB56565656565656
Roger LeePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBermudaCB62626262626262
Daniel CookPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBermudaRB54545454545454
Reggie LambePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBermudaLM61616161616161
Knory ScottPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBermudaCM55555555555555
Willie ClemonsPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBermudaCM63636363636363
Lejaun SimmonsPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBermudaRM54545454545454
Luke RobinsonPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBermudaST60606060606060
Jonas Lafeber Players Not In Fifa TeamsBonaireGK42424242424242
Robert FransPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBonaireRB41414141414141
Jamison Sint JagoPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBonaireCB44444444444444
Rogyaer AnitaPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBonaireCB42424242424242
Marnix EustachiaPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBonaireLB41414141414141
Ayrton CiciliaPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBonaireCM40404040404040
Berry SonnenscheinPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBonaireCM45454545454545
Christopher IseniaPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBonaireCM41414141414141
Quincy HoevePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBonaireRW46464646464646
Richajier OleanaPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBonaireST42424242424242
Jonathan LibianaPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBonaireLW42424242424242
Daniel GilfordPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBritish Virgin IslandsGK38383838383848
Miguel MarshallPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBritish Virgin IslandsLB41414141414141
Ikyjah WilliamsPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBritish Virgin IslandsCB38383838383848
Jerry WiltshirePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBritish Virgin IslandsCB40404040404040
Kristian JavierPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBritish Virgin IslandsRB37373737373737
Phillip NelsonPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBritish Virgin IslandsLM39393939393939
Luka ChalwellPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBritish Virgin IslandsCM42424242424242
T’Sharne GallimorePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBritish Virgin IslandsCM43434343434343
Gethin JonesPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBritish Virgin IslandsRM37373737373737
Kristian SamuelsPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBritish Virgin IslandsST36363636363646
Tyler ForbesPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsBritish Virgin IslandsST45454545454545
David LeePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsCayman IslandsGK40404040404040
Jabari CampbellPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsCayman IslandsRB41414141414141
Joshewa Charlery Players Not In Fifa TeamsCayman IslandsCB44444444444444
D’Andre RowePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsCayman IslandsCB41414141414141
Wesley RobinsonPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsCayman IslandsLB40404040404040
Zachary ScottPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsCayman IslandsRM37373737373737
Andrew BrowningPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsCayman IslandsCM39393939393939
Kion ParchmontPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsCayman IslandsCM42424242424242
Elijah SeymourPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsCayman IslandsLM44444444444444
Kymani BowensPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsCayman IslandsST37373737373737
Mark EbanksPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsCayman IslandsST40404040404040
Sandy SanchezPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsCubaGK5757575757577
CavafePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsCubaRB59595959595959
Dariel MorejonPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsCubaCB57575757575757
Jorge CorralesPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsCubaCB62626262626262
Karel EspinoPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsCubaCB61616161616161
Yunior PerezPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsCubaLB58585858585858
Aricheell HernandezPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsCubaCM60606060606060
Luis ParadelaPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsCubaCM64646464646464
Willian PozoPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsCubaCM59595959595959
Dairon ReyesPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsCubaST60606060606060
Glenson PrincePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominicaGK41414141414141
Travist JosephPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominicaRB42424242424242
Erskim WilliamsPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominicaCB39393939393939
Jeanmal ProsperPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominicaCB44444444444444
Kelrick WaltersPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominicaLB39393939393939
Fitz JollyPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominicaRM41414141414141
Triston SandyPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominicaCM37373737373737
Julian WadePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominicaCM42424242424242
Anfernee FrederickPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominicaLM40404040404040
Audel LavillePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominicaST38383838383838
Javid GeorgePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominicaST41414141414141
Joao UrbaezPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominican RepublicLB56565656565656
Christian SchoissengyerPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominican RepublicCB59595959595959
Tano BonninPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominican RepublicCB59595959595949
Carlos Julio MartinezPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominican RepublicRB58585858585858
Ronaldo VasquezPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominican RepublicLM5555555555555
Jayson MadePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominican RepublicCM56565656565656
Fabian MessinaPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominican RepublicCM57575757575757
Jean Carlos LopezPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominican RepublicRM56565656565656
Rafael NunezPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominican RepublicST58585858585858
Gianluigi SuevaPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsDominican RepublicST59595959595959
Stephane RomanPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsFrench GuianaGK63636363636363
Inrick BaalPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsFrench GuianaRB65656565656565
Yohan MarmotPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsFrench GuianaCB69696969696969
Albert AjaisoPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsFrench GuianaCB64646464646464
Raymond Jean-JacquesPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsFrench GuianaLB61616161616161
Miguel HaaboPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsFrench GuianaRM63636363636363
Thomas NemouthePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsFrench GuianaCM67676767676767
Ludovic BaalPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsFrench GuianaCM67676767676767
Loic BaalPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsFrench GuianaCM69696969696969
Zedan CharlecPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsFrench GuianaLM61616161616161
Joel SarruccoPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsFrench GuianaST62626262626262
Jason BelfonPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGrenadaGK59595959595959
Kraig Noel-McLeodPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGrenadaCB61616161616161
A.J. PatersonPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGrenadaCB63636363636363
Kayden HarrackPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGrenadaCB59595959595959
Ashley CharlesPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGrenadaLM62626262626262
Shavon John-BrownPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGrenadaCM61616161616161
Alexander McQueenPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGrenadaCM61616161616161
Romar FrankPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGrenadaRM57575757575757
Jacob Berkeley-AgyepongPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGrenadaLW56565656565656
Dejon Noel-WilliamsPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGrenadaST61616161616161
Kharlton BelmarPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGrenadaRW63636363636363
Brice CognardPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGuadeloupeGK61616161616161
Nicolas Saint-RufPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGuadeloupeRB62626262626262
Morgan Jean-PierrePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGuadeloupeLB58585858585858
Anthony BaronPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGuadeloupeCM56565656565656
Quentin AnnettePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGuadeloupeCM57575757575757
Johan RotsenPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGuadeloupeCM55555555555555
Akel ClarkePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGuyanaGK59595959595959
Quincy AdamsPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGuyanaLB56565656565656
Sam CoxPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGuyanaCB59595959595959
Jeremy GarrettPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGuyanaCB57575757575757
Leo LovellPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGuyanaRB56565656565656
Kelsey BenjaminPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGuyanaCM57575757575757
Neil DannsPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGuyanaRM61616161616161
Emery WelshmanPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsGuyanaST63636363636363
Yannick EtilePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsMartiniqueGK64646464646464
Jean-Claude MichaletPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsMartiniqueRWB65656565656565
Florent PouloloPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsMartiniqueCB69696969696969
Jordan Pierre-CharlesPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsMartiniqueCB69696969696969
Jonathan RivierezPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsMartiniqueCB69696969696969
Florian LapisPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsMartiniqueLWB68686868686868
Jonathan MexiquePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsMartiniqueRM69696969696969
Daniel HerellePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsMartiniqueCM63636363636363
Mickael BironPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsMartiniqueLM69696969696969
Kymani NelsonPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsMontserratGK59595959595959
Michael WilliamsPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsMontserratRB57575757575757
Nathan PondPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsMontserratCB61616161616161
Craig Braham-BarrettPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsMontserratCB58585858585858
Kaleem SimonPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsMontserratLB56565656565656
James ComleyPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsMontserratCM60606060606060
Adrian CliftonPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsMontserratCM59595959595959
Alex DyerPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsMontserratCM61616161616161
Dean MasonPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsMontserratLM55555555555555
Joel SerranoPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsPuerto RicoGK57575757575757
Beto YdrachPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsPuerto RicoRB59595959595959
Nicolas CardonaPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsPuerto RicoCB61616161616161
Darren RiosPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsPuerto RicoCB58585858585858
Kevin HernandezPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsPuerto RicoRM56565656565656
Gerald DiazPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsPuerto RicoCM58585858585858
Wilfredo RiveraPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsPuerto RicoCM60606060606060
Colby QuinonesPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsPuerto RicoLM61616161616161
Ricardo RiveraPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsPuerto RicoST59595959595959
Jaden ServaniaPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsPuerto RicoST61616161616161
Vino BarclettPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint LuciaGK57575757575757
Alvinus MyersPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint LuciaRB56565656565656
Melvin DoxillyPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint LuciaCB58585858585858
Shawn EvansPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint LuciaLB56565656565656
Josh DaviesPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint LuciaRM56565656565656
Lester JosephPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint LuciaCM58585858585858
Kurt FrederickPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint LuciaCM57575757575757
Chaim RoseriePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint LuciaLM55555555555555
Andrus RemyPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint LuciaST57575757575757
Jervic McFarlanePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint LuciaST57575757575757
Jordan EtiennePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint MartinGK57575757575757
Stephan VarsoviePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint MartinLB55555555555555
Laurent AmiensPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint MartinCB56565656565656
Belony DumasPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint MartinCB54545454545454
Ismael PetchyPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint MartinRB57575757575757
Pierre-Bertrand ArnePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint MartinLM55555555555555
Adrien RibacPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint MartinCM59595959595959
Yoann VardinPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint MartinCM53535353535353
Randy GentesPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint MartinRM53535353535353
Wilfred DalmatPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint MartinST59595959595959
Yannick ChevalierPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint MartinST56565656565656
Lemus ChristopherPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint Vincent & GrenadinesGK42424242424242
Najima BurginPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint Vincent & GrenadinesLB39393939393939
Jamal YorkePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint Vincent & GrenadinesCB41414141414141
Jahvin SutherlandPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint Vincent & GrenadinesCB38383838383838
Jazzi Barnum-BobbPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint Vincent & GrenadinesRB44444444444444
Aaron JacksonPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint Vincent & GrenadinesCM39393939393939
Addeen CharlesPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint Vincent & GrenadinesCM41414141414141
Brad RichardsPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint Vincent & GrenadinesCM40404040404040
Cornelius StewartPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint Vincent & GrenadinesCAM43434343434343
Azinho SolomonPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint Vincent & GrenadinesCAM41414141414141
Rondell ThomasPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSaint Vincent & GrenadinesST38383838383838
Gikay CroesPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSint MaartenGK41414141414141
Duane Tjen-A-KwoeiPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSint MaartenLB44444444444444
Diaro ForsythePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSint MaartenCB42424242424242
Ronan OlivaccePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSint MaartenCB45454545454545
Loxley ParkerPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSint MaartenRB43434343434343
Ties KerssiesPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSint MaartenCM41414141414141
Kay GerritsenPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSint MaartenCM42424242424242
Kael RichardsPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSint MaartenCM44444444444444
Elmer De VriesPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSint MaartenLW46464646464646
Gerwin LakePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSint MaartenST44444444444444
Sergio HughesPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsSint MaartenRW43434343434343
Sebastian TurbyfieldPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsTurks And CaicosGK42424242424242
Cory WilliamsPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsTurks And CaicosCB37373737373737
Christopher LouisyPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsTurks And CaicosCB39393939393939
James RenePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsTurks And CaicosCB36363636363636
Jose ElciusPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsTurks And CaicosRM41414141414141
Widlin CalixtePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsTurks And CaicosCM43434343434343
Markenley AmilcarPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsTurks And CaicosCM38383838383838
Junior PaulPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsTurks And CaicosLM41414141414141
Billy ForbesPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsTurks And CaicosRW45454545454545
Raymond BureyPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsTurks And CaicosST39393939393939
Mackenson CadetPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsTurks And CaicosLW37373737373737
Lionel BrownPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsU.S. Virgin IslandsGK44444444444444
Kassall GreenePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsU.S. Virgin IslandsLB38383838383838
Karson KendallPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsU.S. Virgin IslandsCB41414141414141
Joshua RamosPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsU.S. Virgin IslandsCB37373737373737
Jett BlaschkaPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsU.S. Virgin IslandsRB44444444444444
MacDonald TaylorPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsU.S. Virgin IslandsLM40404040404040
William ShafferPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsU.S. Virgin IslandsCM38383838383838
John EngermanPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsU.S. Virgin IslandsCM42424242424242
Rakeem JosephPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsU.S. Virgin IslandsRM41414141414141
J.C. MackPlayers Not In Fifa TeamsU.S. Virgin IslandsST43434343434343
Jamie BrownePlayers Not In Fifa TeamsU.S. Virgin IslandsST37373737373737
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