Mod: Worst and Best of all time

A mod by Antonios

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1 Rated Team and 99 Rated Team

Mod version: 2020/2021
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2021-10-05 17:50:10
Latest update: 2021-11-09 17:36:35
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Mod Log

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    • No custom players created.
W. GK1 Rated TeamBangladeshGK1111111
W. RB1 Rated TeamBahrainRB1111111
W. CB1 Rated TeamArmeniaCB1111111
B. GK99 Rated TeamChadGK99999999999999
W. CB21 Rated TeamEl SalvadorCB1111111
W. LB1 Rated TeamCentral African RepublicLB1111111
W. LM1 Rated TeamAmerican SamoaLM1111111
W. CM1 Rated TeamArubaCM1111111
W. RM1 Rated TeamBahamasRM1111111
W. ST1 Rated TeamAzerbaijanST1111111
W. LW1 Rated TeamArmeniaLW1111111
W. RW1 Rated TeamSerbiaRW1111111
B. LB99 Rated TeamBarbadosLB99999999999999
B. CB99 Rated TeamArgentinaCB99999999999999
B. CB299 Rated TeamAzerbaijanCB99999999999999
B. RB99 Rated TeamAustriaRB99999999999999
B. LM99 Rated TeamBahrainLM99999999999999
B. CM99 Rated TeamArubaCM99999999999999
B. RM99 Rated TeamAustriaRM99999999999999
B. ST99 Rated TeamMadagascarST99999999999999
B. LW99 Rated TeamBahrainLW99999999999999
B. RW99 Rated TeamBahamasRW99999999999999
  • 1 Rated Team
  • 99 Rated Team