Mod: Czechia

A mod by Larsson

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== 1. FC Slovácko == Baník Ostrava ==

Mod version: 2023/2024
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2023-09-29 15:16:40
Latest update: 2023-09-29 15:45:36
Imported by 144 users


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Mod Log

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    • No custom players created.
J. LetacekBaník OstravaCzech RepublicGK653232165714
J. MarkovicBaník OstravaCzech RepublicGK64322422604
M. HrubyBaník OstravaCzech RepublicGK58234346544
K. ProjeznyBaník OstravaCzech RepublicCB66312647646371
D. LischkaBaník OstravaCzech RepublicCB66222753686259
M. FrydrychBaník OstravaCzech RepublicCB65222562664872
P. KpozoBaník OstravaGhanaLB66232262615663
M. MadlenakBaník OstravaSlovakiaLB65315858616563
G. NdefeBaník OstravaAngolaRB67322761626565
J. JuroskaBaník OstravaCzech RepublicRB64225761626969
F. KalocBaník OstravaCzech RepublicCM67475367646162
D. TetourBaník OstravaCzech RepublicCM66565656636173
T. RigoBaník OstravaSlovakiaCM61525157627558
D. BuchtaBaník OstravaCzech RepublicCAM68626163706766
L. TakacsBaník OstravaCzech RepublicCDM63575361636265
EwertonBaník OstravaBrazilLW69636172685270
F. KubalaBaník OstravaCzech RepublicST67646362617271
O. ChevjaBaník OstravaCzech RepublicST61605657585554
L. AlmasiBaník OstravaSlovakiaST69686262617179
A. TankoBaník OstravaNigeriaST66636261636754
J. KlimaBaník OstravaCzech RepublicST66666761666371
M. Heca1. FC SlováckoCzech RepublicGK64325346544
T. Frystak1. FC SlováckoCzech RepublicGK62345351576
S. Hofmann1. FC SlováckoCzech RepublicCB68336161705772
T. Brecka1. FC SlováckoCzech RepublicCB64222561626265
J. Srubek1. FC SlováckoCzech RepublicCB63314456595742
M. Kadlec1. FC SlováckoCzech RepublicCB65273450676369
M. Doski1. FC SlováckoIraqLB65263068666261
J. Kalabiska1. FC SlováckoCzech RepublicLB64222865636165
P. Reinberk1. FC SlováckoCzech RepublicRB65223258616361
M. Havlik1. FC SlováckoCzech RepublicCM71616864727464
M. Travnik1. FC SlováckoCzech RepublicCM67565961636964
M. Valenta1. FC SlováckoCzech RepublicCM64546163618064
M. Kohut1. FC SlováckoCzech RepublicRM65585668646262
D. Holzer1. FC SlováckoCzech RepublicLM66535864626170
V. Sinyavskiy1. FC SlováckoEstoniaLW65636166645448
F. Vecheta1. FC SlováckoCzech RepublicST65656261586563
O. Mihalik1. FC SlováckoCzech RepublicST69686463667172
R. Cicilia1. FC SlováckoCuraçaoST64635755545867
P. Brandner1. FC SlováckoCzech RepublicST64605855567063
S. Kim1. FC SlováckoKorea RepublicCAM62575556636161
M. Petrzela1. FC SlováckoCzech RepublicRM60536761634544
  • Baník Ostrava
  • 1. FC Slovácko