Mod: Jong PSV

A mod by Larsson

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Jong PSV 2021/2022: Müller; Oppegard, Seelt, Felipe, Markelo; Kjölö, Tielemans, Saibari; Sealy, Fofana, Bakayoko

Mod version: 2021/2022
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2022-03-11 14:46:58
Latest update: 2022-09-07 16:30:11
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Interesting mod?

This is an old mod, season 21/22.

You can find the current season here:


What's up? 

Jong PSV is the U-23 team of PSV Eindhoven, in case you didn't know.

I know what jong psv is and I shall recomend you to make a mod with like all U21 U18 national teams

I won't do that. Way too much work.

Damn bro you lazy as shit ???? 

I made at least 4 teams for every country within the UEFA. I made more than 60 Dutch teams. And I'm now I'm making all national teams from the UEFA.

So no, I'm not lazy.

*Looks at the amount of mods you made*


Mod Log

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    V. MüllerJong PSVGermanyGK676131714218
    F. OppegårdJong PSVNorwayLB63594662556449
    F. FofanaJong PSVNetherlandsST64666058585959
    M. DelangheJong PSVBelgiumGK638191415014
C. TouréJong PSVGuineaLW59585653495057
I. SaibariJong PSVMoroccoCAM64616360666159
J. SeeltJong PSVNetherlandsCB61565157606156
N. MarkeloJong PSVNetherlandsRB62605757635449
M. TielemansJong PSVNetherlandsCM60565761605955
E. van de BlaakJong PSVNetherlandsCB61475056595956
D. VosJong PSVNetherlandsLB62485557605450
S. SamboJong PSVNetherlandsRB61311959576563
K. PeersmanJong PSVNetherlandsGK59324751531
M. KjölöJong PSVNorwayCM63585857635954
Luis FelipeJong PSVBrazilCB62574759625753
J. BakayokoJong PSVBelgiumRW68677164656361
M. DoudahJong PSVBelgiumCM58525657575352
E. MatutaJong PSVBelgiumCDM57531250535549
S. ColynJong PSVCanadaCM60505754564650
N. ThomasJong PSVCuraçaoLW56474950515660
D. SealyJong PSVUnited StatesLW63646561605759