Mod: Jong FC Utrecht

A mod by Larsson

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Jong FC Utrecht (2021/2022) Nijhuis; Zagre, Mamengi, Akmum, Mokono; Ikeshita, Lottin, Alou; Ruperti, Mallahi, Balk

Mod version: 2021/2022
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2022-03-11 16:00:01
Latest update: 2022-09-07 18:19:58
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Mod Log

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    A. ZagréJong FC UtrechtFranceLB63354762575654
    C. MamengiJong FC UtrechtNetherlandsCB62283945478162
    S. MokonoJong FC UtrechtNetherlandsRB61263558485754
    R. BalkJong FC UtrechtNetherlandsRW63636252523630
M. AkharazJong FC UtrechtMoroccoLW49493351476556
A. LottinJong FC UtrechtFranceCDM62596060595758
T. NijhuisJong FC UtrechtNetherlandsGK64212749635960
R. AkmumJong FC UtrechtNetherlandsCB59464953586057
Y. IkeshitaJong FC UtrechtNetherlandsCM60625755635554
O. AlouJong FC UtrechtNetherlandsCAM61596055646265
D. RupertiJong FC UtrechtNetherlandsLW61625660625552
M. MallahiJong FC UtrechtNetherlandsST61635962574945
J. HouwelingJong FC UtrechtNetherlandsGK58211846524749
R. MeissenJong FC UtrechtNetherlandsCB57464751545653
D. van der KustJong FC UtrechtNetherlandsLB58524853565753
R. HuizingJong FC UtrechtNetherlandsCDM58475056596053
R. El BarjijiJong FC UtrechtNetherlandsCM54455051525149
E. MaddyJong FC UtrechtNetherlandsRW60575756595960
M. RijksJong FC UtrechtNetherlandsST61626158595856
J. RuijgrokJong FC UtrechtNetherlandsGK56244244595
K. van den HoekJong FC UtrechtNetherlandsCB57233255565850
R. el ArguiouiJong FC UtrechtNetherlandsCDM54413755575460
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