Mod: Japanese Teams

A mod by Wobert6969

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Jubilo Iwata and Kyoto Sanga

Mod version: 2021/2022
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2022-04-22 03:08:24
Latest update: 2022-04-22 03:31:01
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    • No custom players created.
N. KamifukumotoKyoto SangaJapanGK67464655557055
H. Appiah Tawiah Kyoto SangaJapanCB66525255556465
MendesKyoto SangaBrazilCB66515156566567
T. IidaKyoto SangaJapanRB66525260606258
T. OgiwaraKyoto SangaJapanLB66606066666059
D. KanekoKyoto SangaJapanCDM67595961616261
T. MatsudaKyoto SangaJapanCAM68636368686358
D. ArakiKyoto SangaJapanLM66575761616157
Q. MartinusKyoto SangaCuraƧaoRM70636368687162
P. UtakaKyoto SangaNigeriaCF72757561616371
Y. ToyokawaKyoto SangaJapanST70676765657166
A. KoselovJubilo IwataMoldovaGK71454552526550
  • Kyoto Sanga
  • Jubilo Iwata