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A mod by McPickle34

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Every FIFA National Team in the world all wrapped up into one mod. Starting with CONCACAF, I will then move on the CONMEBOL, then UEFA, then AFC, then OFC, and finally CAF. I will also try to complete 1-3 teams every day and 12-15 every week. All players and nations will be modded, so none of the base nations will be used. To maintain parity and continuity, all player ratings will be based on Football Manager 22 player ratings. Also, due to the new WC rules, 26 players will be included for every nation. There will be 2 GKs, 6 CBs, 2 LBs, 2 RBs, 2 CDMs, 3 CMs, 2 CAMs, 2 LMs, 2 RMs, and 3 STs provided for every nation. Below is a progress report for the mod, which will be updated every day along with the mod itself. Completed Teams: United States Mexico Completed Confederations: None Upcoming: Canada Costa Rica Panama

Mod version: 2021/2022
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2022-06-24 00:30:43
Latest update: 2022-06-25 05:40:10
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    • No custom players created.
Z. SteffenManchester CityUnited StatesGK695155507570
M. TurnerNew England RevolutionUnited StatesGK645155406070
S. DestFC BarcelonaUnited StatesRB70454570654045
R. CannonBoavista FCUnited StatesRB61354045556055
W. ZimmermanNashville SCUnited StatesCB64504035608590
C. RichardsTSG 1899 HoffenheimUnited StatesCB63303055657065
C. Carter-VickersCelticUnited StatesCB63203530606070
A. LongNew York Red BullsUnited StatesCB63404550607070
A. RobinsonFulhamUnited StatesLB64354060605550
S. MooreCD TenerifeUnited StatesLB63354075455030
T. AdamsRB LeipzigUnited StatesCDM67453055704540
K. AcostaColorado RapidsUnited StatesCDM64453050705050
W. McKennieJuventusUnited StatesCM74704055656070
Y. MusahValencia CFUnited StatesCM63505560555040
L. de la TorreHeracles AlmeloUnited StatesCM62506040704535
G. ReynaBorussia DortmundUnited StatesCAM70605060755035
B. AaronsonLeeds UnitedUnited StatesCAM63555060704540
C. PulisicChelseaUnited StatesLW78705055603540
J. MorrisSeattle Sounders FCUnited StatesLW65706060555560
T. WeahLOSC LilleUnited StatesRW64657045505040
P. ArriolaDC UnitedUnited StatesLW66556070603550
J. FerreiraFC DallasUnited StatesST60655565653550
J. SargentNorwich CityUnited StatesST63706035506565
H. WrightAntalyasporUnited StatesST61655045458055
C. RoldanSeattle Sounders FCUnited StatesCAM61604550704040
D. YedlinGalatasaray SKUnited StatesRB60302040455050
C. AcevedoSantos LagunaMexicoGK685105407065
R. CotaClub LeónMexicoGK675155506065
E. ÁlvarezAjaxMexicoCB70555535657070
L. RomoCruz AzulMexicoCB70555060655555
H. MorenoMonterreyMexicoCB68253035655575
N. AraujoRC CeltaMexicoCB68255535657050
J. GallardoMonterreyMexicoLB68504065656055
J. SánchezAmérica de CaliMexicoLB66305545454550
L. RodríguezTigres U.A.N.L.MexicoRB67504055605050
F. NavarroClub LeónMexicoRB66455050405540
A. GuardardoReal BetisMexicoCDM69508565803030
J. dos SantosLA GalaxyMexicoCDM67406075803545
H. HerreraAtlético MadridMexicoCM75606060706560
O. PinedaCruz AzulMexicoCM68656065652045
C. RodríguezMonterreyMexicoCM68556055654540
V. GuzmánPachucaMexicoCM65653545506070
R. AlvaradoCruz AzulMexicoCAM66555565604545
J. AquinoTigres U.A.N.L.MexicoCAM64556570703535
H. LozanoNapoliMexicoRW77757065704560
J. CoronaFC PortoMexicoLW77505065752025
R. JímenezWolverhampton WanderersMexicoST76809955657580
C. VelaLos Angeles FCMexicoRW73757070753540
R. PizarroInter MiamiMexicoLW70552555703545
R. Funes MoriMonterreyMexicoST68806545657075
  • Anguilla (National team)
  • Antigua and Barbuda (National team)
  • Aruba (National team)
  • Bahamas (National team)
  • Barbados (National team)
  • Belize (National team)
  • Bermuda (National team)
  • Bonaire (National team)
  • British Virgin Islands (National team)
  • Canada (National team)
  • Cayman Islands (National team)
  • Costa Rica (National team)
  • Cuba (National team)
  • Curaçao (National team)
  • Dominica (National team)
  • Dominican Republic (National team)
  • El Salvador (National team)
  • French Guiana (National team)
  • Grenada (National team)
  • Guadeloupe (National team)
  • Guatemala (National team)
  • Guyana (National team)
  • Haiti (National team)
  • Honduras (National team)
  • Jamaica (National team)
  • Martinique (National team)
  • Mexico (National team)
  • Monserrat (National team)
  • Nicaragua (National team)
  • Panama (National team)
  • Puerto Rico (National team)
  • St. Kitts and Nevis (National team)
  • St. Lucia (National team)
  • St. Martin (National team)
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines (National team)
  • Sint Maarten (National team)
  • Suriname (National team)
  • Trinidad and Tobago (National team)
  • Turks and Caicos Islands (National team)
  • United States (National team)
  • US Virgin Islands (National team)