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Lincoln Red Imps Football Club is a professional association football club from Gibraltar.[1] They play in the Gibraltar National League, and share Victoria Stadium with all other clubs in the territory.[2] They are the country's record champion with 24 league titles, including fourteen consecutive titles between 2003 and 2016, and in 2014 were the first team to represent Gibraltar in the UEFA Champions League. All players are real. Ratings from FM. Check out my other mods!

Mod version: 2021/2022
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2022-07-08 00:58:11
Latest update: 2022-07-08 01:19:42
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    • No custom players created.
M. YahayaLincoln Red ImpsGhanaCDM45403545355055
KikeLincoln Red ImpsPhilippinesCF45552035453055
D. ColeingLincoln Red ImpsGibraltarGK4151525306050
B. LopesLincoln Red ImpsGibraltarCB45152035358055
R. ChipolinaLincoln Red ImpsGibraltarCB35251020554550
E. BrittoLincoln Red ImpsGibraltarLB37401535603550
J. ChipolinaLincoln Red ImpsGibraltarLB50253540554050
K. RonanLincoln Red ImpsGibraltarCM43301045604060
J. SergeantLincoln Red ImpsGibraltarRWB39302545453080
S. WisemanLincoln Red ImpsGibraltarRB44453555605055
G. TorrillaLincoln Red ImpsGibraltarCM40352535404530
L. WalkerLincoln Red ImpsGibraltarCM52609055703035
L. CasciaroLincoln Red ImpsGibraltarST39652035452035
NauzetLincoln Red ImpsSpainGK455540454065
J. ToscanoLincoln Red ImpsSpainRB40151535354545
Marco RosaLincoln Red ImpsSpainCAM45406050653015
Javi AñónLincoln Red ImpsSpainCAM42603055604540
NanoLincoln Red ImpsSpainLWB50405565605025
JuampeLincoln Red ImpsSpainLW53554545602015
JuanfriLincoln Red ImpsSpainCAM45457030756535
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