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Fotbal Club Sheriff (Russian: ?? ????? ?????????), commonly known as Sheriff Tiraspol or simply Sheriff, is a Moldovan professional football club based in Tiraspol, a city located in the unrecognised breakaway state of Transnistria. Founded in 1997 as Tiras Tiraspol and rebranded the following year as Sheriff, it quickly established itself within Moldovan football.

Mod version: 2021/2022
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2022-07-10 01:21:36
Latest update: 2022-07-10 01:53:14
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R. AbaloraSheriff TiraspolGhanaGK5051560655065
S. PascencoSheriff TiraspolMoldovaGK4751025305035
G. DulantoSheriff TiraspolPeruCB55302520358080
K. GabiSheriff TiraspolCameroonCB53202020407575
S. EvangelouSheriff TiraspolGreeceCB48203020356560
K. JulienSheriff TiraspolTrinidad & TobagoLWB48354560603050
HeronSheriff TiraspolBrazilLB50303530507555
R. GuedesSheriff TiraspolBrazilRB52504555504540
A. BelousovSheriff TiraspolMoldovaRB4830545404045
E. AddoSheriff TiraspolGhanaCDM48402555604550
M. KyabouSheriff TiraspolMaliCDM50401530354040
M. DarankoumSheriff TiraspolNigerCDM48453530508045
C. BadoloSheriff TiraspolBurkina FasoRF45502055451040
I. AtiemwenSheriff TiraspolNigeriaLW60554550604550
PernambucoSheriff TiraspolBrazilRW52655070804060
A. OuattaraSheriff TiraspolBurkina FasoRW53505040503525
M. YansaneSheriff TiraspolGuineaST53554040555050
I. RahseedSheriff TiraspolNigeriaST50554025505550
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