Mod: Partizan

A mod by Marinko

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Marinko did not add a description for this mod...

Mod version: 2021/2022
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2022-08-09 17:04:29
Latest update: 2022-10-21 18:59:27
Imported by 10 users

Mod Log

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    H. TraoreFK PartizanMaliCDM69604956636760
    S. MarkovićFK PartizanSerbiaCB71364233547571
I. VujačićFK PartizanMontenegroCB73343147526473
Q. MenigFK PartizanNetherlandsRW69645759576254
R. GomesFK PartizanCape VerdeST74736862606772
A. PopovićFK PartizanSerbiaGK70142110196
F. DiabateFK PartizanFranceRW71675468655755
S. UrosevićFK PartizanSerbiaLWB70597073686262
A. FilipovićFK PartizanSerbiaRWB69495367646364
B. NatchoFK PartizanIsraelCDM77708476805457
A. PavlovicFK PartizanSerbiaST68686458546565
  • FK Partizan