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Hashtag United 2022/23 Squad. Reserves and OG also Available. Ratings are based on how well they play currently in the Ismithian League Currently, not based on the normal databased.

Mod version: 2021/2022
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2022-09-08 03:59:43
Latest update: 2023-01-02 05:58:35
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Mod Log

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    • No custom players created.
A. PageHashtag UnitedEnglandGK856475574
J. PhilpHashtag UnitedEnglandGK775364436
B. WillisHashtag UnitedEnglandRB84423685534337
E. BenoitHashtag UnitedEnglandCB79433656538079
H. HaysomHashtag UnitedEnglandCB82534765538584
M. WooldridgeHashtag UnitedEnglandLB87645789647778
B. BrooksHashtag UnitedEnglandRB75423676534337
E. OkunjaHashtag UnitedEnglandCAM80645447815447
P. CarvalhoHashtag UnitedPortugalCDM84423665845447
M. CornhillHashtag UnitedEnglandCM89645476947568
L. WatsonHashtag UnitedEnglandCM92766458957568
J. VukajHashtag UnitedEnglandCM77423765785354
J. FrancisHashtag UnitedEnglandRW81676582534765
F. TsinganoHashtag UnitedEnglandCB68324336547069
R. DorlingHashtag UnitedEnglandCB66314337566968
I. AdebayoHashtag UnitedEnglandCAM77425448785347
PK HumbleHashtag UnitedEnglandCM86775447886458
K. ApentengHashtag UnitedEnglandLW82806476647669
J. DebellHashtag UnitedEnglandCM85645786896458
A. TeniolaHashtag UnitedEnglandST89938675887668
T. AromolaranHashtag UnitedEnglandST87888379766876
T. AndersonHashtag UnitedEnglandCB87643654428887
J. GannonHashtag United ReservesEnglandGK794856635
M. SkrnaHashtag United ReservesLithuaniaLB77686682747985
M. StampHashtag United ReservesEnglandCB85645477688988
N. WilsonHashtag United ReservesEnglandRB77686682646865
J. TaylorHashtag United ReservesEnglandRB77575380647675
H. BendeHashtag United ReservesEnglandCM76756466785358
J. ObiHashtag United ReservesEnglandCAM77766566804258
E. DaveyHashtag United ReservesEnglandCM75735666785357
M. GnadiHashtag United ReservesEnglandRW75767380425754
E. CooperHashtag United ReservesEnglandST75767467667978
T. SykesHashtag United ReservesEnglandLW84858678658785
C. HartHashtag United ReservesEnglandCB74315543557675
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