Mod: Women Clubs And Countries

A mod by Yoshi777

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As EA FC 24 approaches, I am going to do a few more updates in this mod before stopping. For the one next season, I will add the other NWSL teams as well as national teams and other clubs. This mod is finished

Mod version: 2022/2023
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2022-10-28 03:24:06
Latest update: 2023-09-14 05:18:10
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Mod Log

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    C. BarclaisStade de Reims WFrance WRB75443976745766
    M. WalshBrighton & Hove Albion WRepublic of Ireland WGK795342880697
    K. GreenBrighton & Hove Albion WWales WCAM75745670717256
    E. TerlandBrighton & Hove Albion WNorway WST73765469726553
    M. LarroquetteFree Agents WArgentina WST77775877737575
    A. LamontagneRodez Aveyron Football WCanada WST73757257648773
    M. ArnoldWest Ham United WAustralia WGK7820271573587
    M. FillsWest Ham United WEngland WCAM69715151713145
    D. SilvaFree Agents WPortugal WLW72827775646867
    H. RasoManchester City WAustralia WCM79596583507277
    K. DaliAston Villa WFrance WCM80776978777453
    K. ZelemManchester United WEngland WCDM81798875827376
    A. HegerbergOlympique Lyonnias WNorway WST91948671788993
    L. WilliamsParis Saint-Germain WAustralia WGK8113261468537
    S. KarchaouiParis Saint-Germain WFrance WLB86505390846261
    F. HoarauLe Havre AC WFrance WLB73384967657463
    A. NadjimLe Havre AC WFrance WST75786838557870
    CJ BottLeicester City WNew Zealand WRWB72554981587166
    A. SullivanFree Agents WUnited States WCDM81578077866257
    Kim Min JungFree Agents WKorea Republic WGK73101514716014
    Tang JialiFree Agents WChina PR WST71605978564859
    K. WalshFC Barcelona WEngland WCDM83385567907066
    K. Lea VilhjálmsdóttirFC Bayern München WIceland WCM77626775776467
    M. IwabuchiTottenham Hotspur WJapan WCAM78686332795248
    S. RocheFree Agents WRepublic of Ireland WST79847444495660
    R. CostaSL Benfica WPortugal WGK7091112665815
    S. RebeloSL Benfica WPortugal WCB74214031686775
    C. CostaSL Benfica WPortugal WCB76423929657075
    C. AmadoSL Benfica WPortugal WRB71604870705758
    A. NortonSL Benfica WPortugal WCM72635360785750
    K. NazarethSL Benfica WPortugal WST72707462537768
    J. SilvaSL Benfica WPortugal WST75737459736270
    M. CintraSL Benfica WBrazil WCF66706933476244
    A. SeiçaSL Benfica WPortugal WCB75221558476866
    L. WältiArsenal WSwitzerland WCDM83656572698456
    A. LehmannAston Villa WSwitzerland WRW82758081706558
    R. BachmannParis Saint-Germain WSwitzerland WRW83836779745858
    N. MaritzArsenal WSwitzerland WRB82536085817176
    E. AigbogunParis FC WSwitzerland WLB81555276737261
    S. JuliniEn Avant de Guingamp WSwitzerland WCM77606960786852
    C. SowParis FC WSwitzerland WST81786877826969
    D. O’SullivanNorth Carolina Courage WRepublic of Ireland WCDM80716745726464
    C. MurphyNorth Carolina Courage WUnited States WGK831591174828
    S. TroelsgaardReading WDenmark WCM75685443766758
    R. SeveckeEverton WDenmark WCB73565455717676
    C. SandvejDijon FCO WDenmark WCB73414152597369
    K. HolmgaardEverton WDenmark WCDM73565952746277
    N. SørensenEverton WDenmark WCF72655555655675
    E. SnerleWest Ham United WDenmark WCM72755758726349
    P. HarderChelsea WDenmark WRW86798578837876
    K. VejeEverton WDenmark WLWB73385973735967
    A. MorganSan Diego Wave WUnited States WST90958871777686
    K. SheridanSan Diego Wave WCanada WGK84102513805317
    Emily van EgmondSan Diego Wave WAustralia WCM79668571776176
    S. JakobssonSan Diego Wave WSweden WST83857484744669
    A. DahlkemperSan Diego Wave WUnited States WCB83467073807683
    Wang ShuangRacing Louisville WChina PR WST80827568755877
    R. HollowayRacing Louisville WInternational WomenLB71374371626061
    N. MiuraNorth Carolina Courage WJapan WCM76706764805670
    S. StarkeVfL Wolfsburg WGermany WCF77756261667062
    A. NaeherChicago Red Stars WUnited States WGK85134217816616
    B. St.GeorgesChicago Red Stars WCanada WRWB78484176697256
    S. J. JónsdóttirVfL Wolfsburg WIceland WRW80747077746078
    L. FreigangEintracht Frankfurt WGermany WST82897438637480
    N. AnyomiEintracht Frankfurt WGermany WRW79746567748484
    S. NüskenEintracht Frankfurt WGermany WCDM80525762736773
    S. DoorsounEintracht Frankfurt WGermany WCB82665675818277
    S. KleinherneEintracht Frankfurt WGermany WCB80273837568676
    C. WeirReal Madrid WScotland WCM84706173845268
    K. RoblesReal Madrid WMexico WRB83507278737764
    S. SvavaReal Madrid WDenmark WLB79615973813228
    S. TolettiReal Madrid WFrance WCM81737282826657
    E. GonzálezReal Madrid WSpain WST81848158697578
    I. AndresReal Madrid WSpain WCB79304946597178
    P. Peyraud-MagninJuventus WFrance WGK84111213845211
    C. GirelliJuventus WInternational WomenST86938769738288
    A. NildénJuventus WSweden WLB78586468736872
    S. Björk GunnarsdóttirJuventus WIceland WCDM79675959746749
    L. BeerensteynJuventus WNetherlands WRW82756474715768
    S. J. PedersenJuventus WDenmark WCDM77253464735949
    L. SembrantJuventus WSweden WCB83325528626485
    R. LavelleOL Reign WUnited States WCM86816169906044
    A. CookOL Reign WUnited States WCB82345841587078
    J. FishlockOL Reign WWales WCM84827666807365
    E. SonnettOL Reign WUnited States WRB82466470807272
    QuinnOL Reign WCanada WCM78365362697367
    TainaraFC Bayern München WBrazil WCB81214456805588
    S. DaoudiEn Avant de Guingamp WMorocco WCDM77585763776654
    Kang Ga AeFree Agents WKorea Republic WGK668166286213
    Jang Sel GiFree Agents WKorea Republic WLB75496076675877
    J. EndoFree Agents WJapan WLW82797079765961
    Y. HasegawaManchester City WJapan WCM82786376825278
    S. McCarthyFree Agents WRepublic of Ireland WCB72576049607272
    S. BlacksteniusArsenal WSweden WST81866553606057
    S. SmithPortland Thorns WUnited States WST87867873785681
    B. SauerbrunnPortland Thorns WUnited States WCB85355665708681
    C. SinclairPortland Thorns WCanada WCAM84898682857685
    J. BeckiePortland Thorns WCanada WST79746777757164
    H. SugitaPortland Thorns WJapan WCM80775564835955
    D. OrdoñezFree Agents WMexico WST79776048655268
V. CorreaFree Agents WArgentina WGK76101715747512
M. DelgadoFree Agents WArgentina WRB67484561626161
A. BarrosoFree Agents WArgentina WCB75355254577070
A. ComettiFree Agents WArgentina WCB74243428707276
E. StábileFree Agents WArgentina WLB77677570746170
G. ChávezFree Agents WArgentina WCDM70214245725252
R. BravoFree Agents WArgentina WCDM75385142736065
Y. RodríguezFree Agents WArgentina WRM71757544555869
F. BonsegundoFree Agents WArgentina WLM76747076736157
E. BaniniFree Agents WArgentina WCAM77727652796560
M. LarroquetteFree Agents WArgentina WST77775877737575
E. LonigroFree Agents WArgentina WST65665932507063
S. JaimesFree Agents WArgentina WST75778243567573
L. OliverosFree Agents WArgentina WGK6881412686815
V. SantanaFree Agents WArgentina WCDM75355144737548
M. MayorgaFree Agents WArgentina WCM69675255716868
A. SachsFree Agents WArgentina WRB74314868685870
J. CruzFree Agents WArgentina WLB66314250557853
D. IppólitoFree Agents WArgentina WCM66594550715645
S. Pereyra Free Agents WArgentina WGK67101712664412
R. NúñezFree Agents WArgentina WLWB72394156696148
I. PereiraFree Agents WPortugal WGK74111112785812
C. AmadoFree Agents WPortugal WRB71604870705758
D. GomesFree Agents WPortugal WCB73234030697069
C. CostaFree Agents WPortugal WCB76423929657075
J. MarchãoFree Agents WPortugal WLB71304772646562
T. PintoFree Agents WPortugal WCM74544544795350
D. SilvaFree Agents WPortugal WCM75454368756461
A. NortonFree Agents WPortugal WCM72635360785750
A. BorgesFree Agents WPortugal WRW76593872675474
J. SilvaFree Agents WPortugal WST75737459736270
D. SilvaFree Agents WPortugal WLW72827775646867
T. EncarnaçãoFree Agents WPortugal WST70707261656875
F. PintoFree Agents WPortugal WCM72484368796843
P. MoraisFree Agents WPortugal WGK7391612763714
K. NazarethFree Agents WPortugal WST72707462537768
V. MarquesFree Agents WPortugal WCM72705157746253
A. FreiaFree Agents WPortugal WCM70634952745258
S. RebeloFree Agents WPortugal WCB74214031686775
A. CorreiaFree Agents WPortugal WLB70424268526259
R. CostaFree Agents WPortugal WGK7091112665815
C. MendesFree Agents WPortugal WST73727349607668
E. AlvaradoStade de Reims WMexico WGK81202214787114
M. Doucouré Stade de Reims WFrance WRB78444969697164
J. PasquereauStade de Reims WFrance WCB79314047838182
J. RastocleStade de Reims WFrance WCB65354343656664
K. LouisStade de Reims WInternational WomenLB76654768705464
R. CorbozStade de Reims WUnited States WCM82768077824949
Lou-Ann JolyStade de Reims WFrance WCM76584849786149
S. OucheneStade de Reims WFrance WCM78736869834651
M. DumornayStade de Reims WInternational WomenRW78726777803949
I. HlushchenkoStade de Reims WInternational WomenST68686141477473
K. BussyStade de Reims WFrance WLW80807469746662
T. EningerStade de Reims WFrance WCAM70697169724847
R. LejeuneStade de Reims WFrance WCB62243931547363
K. SzemikStade de Reims WInternational WomenGK73131912726811
C. BarclaisStade de Reims WFrance WLB75443976745766
L. NotelStade de Reims WFrance WLB67484767605658
M. DufresneStade de Reims WFrance WST69716461618060
R. LavauxStade de Reims WFrance WCB67295657687265
M. SieberRodez Aveyron Football WFrance WGK72141415696312
Y. HallRodez Aveyron Football WFrance WRWB70364967657153
M. AntoineRodez Aveyron Football WFrance WCB68394554647167
A. PimontRodez Aveyron Football WFrance WCB72334839667970
M. DoucetRodez Aveyron Football WFrance WCB71566045797278
V. DavoustRodez Aveyron Football WFrance WLWB69545067657853
S. BarbanceRodez Aveyron Football WFrance WCM74726672756743
S. ChampagnacRodez Aveyron Football WFrance WCM71486748725752
A. LemonnierRodez Aveyron Football WFrance WCAM71657045656957
M. TarrieuRodez Aveyron Football WFrance WST73616168684551
A. LamontagneRodez Aveyron Football WCanada WST73757257648773
T. DouhouRodez Aveyron Football WFrance WCM68586148686642
L. GoubertRodez Aveyron Football WFrance WGK69142018636015
K. WaldingerRodez Aveyron Football WEngland WCAM68666663755339
A. Mary PowelsRodez Aveyron Football WEngland WCDM65576153698244
A. MarlierRodez Aveyron Football WFrance WCB66283335607467
S. CourvoisierRodez Aveyron Football WFrance WRW70726057676571
L. BrunotRodez Aveyron Football WFrance WCM68595660697354
M. WalshBrighton & Hove Albion WInternational WomenGK795342880697
P. PattinsonBrighton & Hove Albion WEngland WLB72435074654565
V. WilliamsBrighton & Hove Albion WEngland WCB80615953798475
R. StottBrighton & Hove Albion WNew Zealand WCB78254855687872
E. KullbergBrighton & Hove Albion WSweden WRB76395175728664
M. Connolly Brighton & Hove Albion WRepublic of Ireland WCDM79536564806666
J. Zigiotti OlmeBrighton & Hove Albion WSweden WCDM73625162786949
K. GreenBrighton & Hove Albion WInternational WomenCAM75745670717256
Lee Geum MinBrighton & Hove Albion WKorea Republic WCAM77756779757768
V. SarriBrighton & Hove Albion WInternational WomenCAM75716065755658
E. TerlandBrighton & Hove Albion WNorway WST73765469726553
D. CarterBrighton & Hove Albion WEngland WST76756063625570
Park YeeunBrighton & Hove Albion WKorea Republic WCM74716771785750
K. StartupBrighton & Hove Albion WEngland WGK638502165696
L. BanceBrighton & Hove Albion WEngland WCM59495158695948
K. RobinsonBrighton & Hove Albion WEngland WLW70655066626750
M. SymondsBrighton & Hove Albion WEngland WCM70605054776349
P. FallsworthBrighton & Hove Albion WEngland WCB63565857585560
G. MoloneyReading WRepublic of Ireland WGK768522380608
F. BrysonReading WEngland WRB76545380606965
G. EvansReading WWales WCB78455145758077
D. CooperReading WEngland WCB78355544777478
L. WoodhamReading WWales WLB79476474717575
J. VanhaevermaetReading WBelgium WCDM77696764778377
R. RoweReading WWales WCM74595065755450
S. TroelsgaardReading WInternational WomenCM75685443766758
N. DowieReading WEngland WRW77807529577071
D. RoseReading WCanada WST80716281717846
A. EikelandReading WNorway WRM77725075707260
E. MitchellReading WScotland WLB74445178635554
B. RobertsReading WWales WLB66406065526149
B. HendrixReading WUnited States WCB73314226666379
R. StewartReading WEngland WGK57649558577
C. PeplowReading WEngland WCM75615549787365
B. JaneReading WEngland WRB74345476706160
E. HarriesReading WEngland WST72725462595961
R. LawsLiverpool WEngland WGK725531971616
E. KoivistoLiverpool WInternational WomenRWB82687073697778
L. RobeLiverpool WEngland WCB71585560686065
N. FaheyLiverpool WRepublic of Ireland WCB72435249696770
M. CampbellLiverpool WRepublic of Ireland WCB70405164706563
T. HindsLiverpool WEngland WLWB74675472776351
M. Bo KearnsLiverpool WEngland WCM72685968746252
R. FurnessLiverpool WInternational WomenCM72695572725555
S. Van de SandenLiverpool WNetherlands WRW79725378747966
K. StengelLiverpool WUnited States WST73746539616662
L. KiernanLiverpool WRepublic of Ireland WLW74797165606560
C. HollandLiverpool WWales WCAM73695460676450
E. CumingsLiverpool WScotland WGK6891514676414
Y. DaniëlsLiverpool WBelgium WST71705560626464
R. RobertsLiverpool WWales WCB68565060716354
R. FosterLiverpool WCanada WGK65450964616
M. LawleyLiverpool WEngland WRM74605074735949
G. FlahertyLiverpool WEngland WCB75454347732975
K. RoblesFree Agents WMexico WRB83507278737764
G. EspinozaFree Agents WMexico WCB71585040636669
B. SierraFree Agents WMexico WCB74304967654275
N. AntonioFree Agents WMexico WCM71485059705851
C. Jaramillo Free Agents WMexico WCM72527674757934
M. SánchezFree Agents WMexico WLM80697175726444
D. GarcíaFree Agents WMexico WRM70695765694840
S. MayorFree Agents WMexico WCAM79806875758346
D. OrdoñezFree Agents WMexico WST73776048505268
A. CervantesFree Agents WMexico WST74856740657671
J. MontoyaFree Agents WMexico WRF70636468715227
J. LópezFree Agents WMexico WLB74445569686559
D. EspinosaFree Agents WMexico WCAM73726674777271
K. MartínezFree Agents WMexico WST72777173664963
I. González Free Agents WMexico WGK7561112736613
L. OvalleFree Agents WMexico WLM73736776736430
M. ArnoldFree Agents WAustralia WGK7820271573587
Z. JessicaWest Ham United WRepublic of Ireland WRWB70646565706050
G. FiskWest Ham United WEngland WCB77645060747374
H. CissokoWest Ham United WFrance WCB80285134797978
K. LonghurstWest Ham United WEngland WCB79597069797681
K. SmithWest Ham United WScotland WLWB75254875625963
S. Abbey-LeighWest Ham United WEngland WCM76695752797466
D. BrynjarsdóttirWest Ham United WIceland WCDM79677048807479
L. EvansWest Ham United WScotland WRW81745879786350
V. AsseyiWest Ham United WFrance WST80796578747050
Y. HasegawaManchester City WJapan WLW81657652488378
R. ShimizuWest Ham United WJapan WRB84655287756179
I. AtkinsonWest Ham United WRepublic of Ireland WLW71666268705950
E. SnerleWest Ham United WInternational WomenCM72755758726349
L. ParkerWest Ham United WEngland WCB72494845646565
T. KyvågWest Ham United WNorway WRM63625859547369
C. WalkerWest Ham United WEngland WST74765563584369
M. FillsWest Ham United WEngland WCAM69715151713145
E. RoebuckManchester City WEngland WGK80102110787411
L. AlexandriManchester City WSpain WRB77253859707576
S. HoughtonManchester City WEngland WCB82596550779081
A. GreenwoodManchester City WEngland WCB83648875908983
L. OuahabiManchester City WSpain WLB83514880826278
H. RasoManchester City WAustralia WCM79596583507277
K. WalshManchester City WEngland WCDM83385567907066
V. LosadaManchester City WSpain WCM77726051807454
C. KellyManchester City WEngland WRW82766179756250
E. WhiteManchester City WEngland WST83807066707380
L. HempManchester City WEngland WLW87689477698185
M. FowlerManchester City WAustralia WCAM76766164726359
A. KennedyManchester City WAustralia WCB78566051898278
S. MaclverManchester City WEngland WGK74113825764721
F. AngeldahlManchester City WSweden WCM75685867785753
J. BlakstadManchester City WNorway WLB72685372705050
K. CasparijManchester City WNetherlands WRB71664771695359
D. StokesManchester City WEngland WLB82405877837373
H. HamptonAston Villa WEngland WGK778492676556
S. MaylingAston Villa WEngland WRB80575685777677
A. PattenAston Villa WEngland WCB74525754696470
R. CorsieAston Villa WScotland WCB78244339797479
M. PachecoAston Villa WEngland WLB82456785757674
R. LittlejohnAston Villa WRepublic of Ireland WCDM73555756805847
K. DaliAston Villa WFrance WCM80697874537769
L. Blindkilde BrownAston Villa WEngland WCM71486051795549
A. LehmannAston Villa WInternational WomenRW82758081706558
E. GielnikAston Villa WAustralia WST75746579568675
R. DalyAston Villa WEngland WLW84897279757678
N. HardingAston Villa WWales WRB78565679635073
A. LeatAston Villa WNew Zealand WGK7119271668636
M. SargeantAston Villa WEngland WCB73425851616464
D. TurnerAston Villa WEngland WLWB76465472657477
R. AllenAston Villa WEngland WCM78686163783056
F. GregoryAston Villa WEngland WLF70685873625649
L. Schmitz Montpellier HSC WGermany WGK78101516746816
M. TorrentMontpellier HSC WFrance WRWB81485981766467
J. ElsigMontpellier HSC WGermany WCB79504861748680
M. LakrarMontpellier HSC WFrance WCB78413959788677
O. DeslandesMontpellier HSC WFrance WCB82415274859181
I. BelloumouMontpellier HSC WFrance WLWB77495273667348
C. BilbaultMontpellier HSC WFrance WCDM81415359797868
D. ŠkorvánkováMontpellier HSC WInternational WomenCM82716369865958
F. RobertMontpellier HSC WFrance WRW79757181755048
L. PetermannMontpellier HSC WGermany WST82869058658789
L. KhelifiMontpellier HSC WFrance WCM75686268766652
N. MondésirMontpellier HSC WFrance WLW75677264776967
C. BoureilleMontpellier HSC WUnited States WCM72655556707067
G. LambertMontpellier HSC WCanada WGK75121613705514
J. CredozMontpellier HSC WFrance WRF67615965637350
M. MpomeMontpellier HSC WFrance WCB76313653757575
C. BlancMontpellier HSC WFrance WCDM68474551697051
C. NnadozieParis FC WInternational WomenGK84111312807112
J. SoyerParis FC WFrance WRB81495873756372
A. ButelParis FC WFrance WCB83354951768882
T. GrébovalParis FC WFrance WCB84456471768686
E. AigbogunParis FC WInternational WomenLB81555276737261
S. VaysseParis FC WFrance WCDM84615259835942
D. CorbozParis FC WFrance WCDM84767179894243
O. SarrParis FC WFrance WLM82806972797279
G. ThineyParis FC WFrance WCAM81808079787975
M. BourdieuParis FC WFrance WST83887164726370
L. FleuryParis FC WFrance WLM77726072716756
T. LaplacetteParis FC WFrance WRB80544868746369
C. SowParis FC WInternational WomenST81786877826969
C. PecharmanParis FC WFrance WGK7511161573529
M. Le MouëlParis FC WFrance WCM75726051756544
C. Ould HocineParis FC WFrance WCDM75574168727269
L. RibadeiraParis FC WFrance WST71716155656667
C. BrosnanEverton WRepublic of Ireland WGK708231365587
L. MaierEverton WGermany WRWB79525078736966
N. BjörnEverton WSweden WCB78354374798774
M. FinniganEverton WEngland WCB72345043707374
G. GeorgeEverton WEngland WCB77415143747575
K. VejeEverton WInternational WomenLWB73385973735967
J. ParkEverton WEngland WRM74566058735449
A. GalliEverton WInternational WomenCM78725760796850
I. ChristiansenEverton WEngland WCM81727074847069
T. DugganEverton WEngland WLM79777060697768
K. SnoeijsEverton WNetherlands WST82877565807673
H. BennisonEverton WSweden WCM77725569794448
N. SørensenEverton WInternational WomenCF72655555655675
K. HolmgaardEverton WInternational WomenCDM73565952746277
R. SeveckeEverton WInternational WomenCB73565455717676
L. Graham Everton WScotland WCM69695052707250
K. WeirEverton WScotland WCB59415139586260
P. DarksandEverton WEngland WGK6891611686113
M. EarpsManchester United WEngland WGK8310261382627
O. BatlleManchester United WSpain WRB85515180847466
M. TurnerManchester United WEngland WCB75525635767762
M. ThorisdottirManchester United WNorway WCB77254049777570
H. BlundellManchester United WEngland WLB82565479817375
K. ZelemManchester United WWales WCDM81798875827376
H. LaddManchester United WWales WCDM81575156837569
N. ParrisManchester United WEngland WCAM82787768557671
E. TooneManchester United WEngland WCAM83805976787769
L. GaltonManchester United WEngland WCAM82688267598578
A. RussoManchester United WEngland WST82826076518185
L. GarcíaManchester United WSpain WRW82695866707087
M. Le TissierManchester United WEngland WCB81585484788480
K. HansonManchester United WScotland WCAM75674568726650
A. LeonManchester United WCanada WST77756059687068
J. GroenenManchester United WNetherlands WCM78585879798159
R. WilliamsManchester United WEngland WCF79806554678179
S. BaggaleyManchester United WEngland WGK617211674687
V. Bøe RisaManchester United WNorway WCAM76686052743759
C. EndlerOlympique Lyonnias WInternational WomenGK89151315896513
E. CarpenterOlympique Lyonnias WAustralia WRB84454388847868
G. MbockOlympique Lyonnias WFrance WCB85496559808389
W. RenardOlympique Lyonnias WFrance WCB91707551878696
S. BachaOlympique Lyonnias WFrance WLB86644993837058
S. DäbritzOlympique Lyonnias WGermany WCM86857278885549
A. HenryOlympique Lyonnias WFrance WCM88756384728878
C. MacarioOlympique Lyonnias WUnited States WCAM86848079796872
D. CascarinoOlympique Lyonnias WFrance WRW85726783804936
A. HegerbergOlympique Lyonnias WNorway WST91948671788993
A. MajriOlympique Lyonnias WFrance WLW86797392847674
L. HoranOlympique Lyonnias WUnited States WCM86867579917989
D. MarozsánOlympique Lyonnias WGermany WCAM84789089846761
D. van de DonkOlympique Lyonnias WNetherlands WCAM84787874846856
J. CaymanOlympique Lyonnias WBelgium WLM79717778758074
D. EgurrolaOlympique Lyonnias WNetherlands WCDM80586378857977
E. HolmgrenOlympique Lyonnias WSweden WGK75122313726217
P. MorroniOlympique Lyonnias WFrance WCB83394985777065
T. KorpelaTottenham Hotspur WInternational WomenGK78132314685610
A. NevilleTottenham Hotspur WEngland WRB84745981739183
M. BartripTottenham Hotspur WEngland WCB81567060818382
S. ZadorskyTottenham Hotspur WCanada WCB80416064858879
K. HarropTottenham Hotspur WEngland WLB79544176718278
Cho So HyunTottenham Hotspur WKorea Republic WCM77665458786050
K. SimonTottenham Hotspur WAustralia WCM79758065746955
E. SummanenTottenham Hotspur WInternational WomenCM76625653798167
R. PecivalTottenham Hotspur WNew Zealand WCDM79745784777857
N. KarczewskaTottenham Hotspur WInternational WomenST81877358685781
R. PetzelbergerTottenham Hotspur WGermany WLW81796181727060
E. BrazilTottenham Hotspur WEngland WRW74596062697660
K. GrahamTottenham Hotspur WEngland WRW73605755786655
B. SpencerTottenham Hotspur WInternational WomenGK7716243170579
J. NazTottenham Hotspur WEngland WST76726073606561
A. JamesTottenham Hotspur WWales WCDM71565257767155
E. Morgan Tottenham Hotspur WWales WRB60234757625451
L. WilliamsParis Saint-Germain WCanada WGK8113261468537
A. LawrenceParis Saint-Germain WCanada WRB87627586837773
A. IlestedtParis Saint-Germain WSweden WCB84415858769085
P. DudekParis Saint-Germain WInternational WomenCB86426645789089
S. KarchaouiParis Saint-Germain WFrance WLB86505390846261
L. FazerParis Saint-Germain WFrance WCM75656157756254
O. Jean-FrançiosParis Saint-Germain WFrance WCM79585353795942
G. GeyoroParis Saint-Germain WFrance WCM87735269895864
K. DianiParis Saint-Germain WFrance WRW88877184815370
M. KatotoParis Saint-Germain WFrance WST90938271778692
L. MartensParis Saint-Germain WNetherlands WLW87887989826957
S. BaltimoreParis Saint-Germain WFrance WLW84737491864137
R. BachmannParis Saint-Germain WInternational WomenRW83836779745858
C. IldhusøyParis Saint-Germain WNorway WRF75726372697357
B. VotikováParis Saint-Germain WInternational WomenGK81101714775513
E. De AlmeidaParis Saint-Germain WFrance WCB82243464788582
J. Le GuillyParis Saint-Germain WFrance WRB70495268636564
L. PhilippeLe Havre AC WFrance WGK75182521715514
E. KouacheLe Havre AC WFrance WRB70473863625860
S. YekkaLe Havre AC WCanada WCB73355660647473
D. DavisLe Havre AC WUnited States WCB73384341639179
F. HoarauLe Havre AC WFranceLB73384967657463
R. EnguehardLe Havre AC WFrance WRM73696165744035
N. Coton-PelagieLe Havre AC WFrance WCM74747172783341
E. SumoLe Havre AC WFrance WCM74677159746438
L. RuedaLe Havre AC WFrance WLM70637063704841
K. AraujoLe Havre AC WPortugal WST73757157677469
A. NadjimLe Havre AC WFrance WST75786838557870
S. DemeyereLe Havre AC WBelgium WCDM73656371725849
O. ArsenieyaLe Havre AC WInternational WomenGK71111215695812
K. GadéaLe Havre AC WFrance WCB72233741617769
J. VermerscLe Havre AC WBelgium WLB57534955487148
S. ElisorLe Havre AC WFrance WCM72656863745853
C. GavoryLe Havre AC WFrance WCM71596171725739
M. ChavasFC Girondins de Bordeaux WFrance WGK79101410777012
A. LardezFC Girondins de Bordeaux WFrance WRB79485182706458
M. HaelewynFC Girondins de Bordeaux WFrance WCB63363947586965
J. ThibaudFC Girondins de Bordeaux WFrance WCB77424439668975
D. ChatelinFC Girondins de Bordeaux WFrance WLB75544473704369
M. HerreraFC Girondins de Bordeaux WInternational WomenRM78686474734751
E. PalisFC Girondins de Bordeaux WFrance WCM77625156756649
M. GarbinoFC Girondins de Bordeaux WFrance WCM76746372756452
J. DufourFC Girondins de Bordeaux WFrance WLM76636775754749
M. GomesFC Girondins de Bordeaux WPortugal WST76767265715573
A. GutierresFC Girondins de Bordeaux WBrazil WST71706747628779
S. FolkertsmaFC Girondins de Bordeaux WNetherlands WCAM75697368817359
L. Blanche BishopFC Girondins de Bordeaux WFrance WGK7013261467537
A. CoignetFC Girondins de Bordeaux WFrance WCM72696971716166
M. CardiaFC Girondins de Bordeaux WFrance WRM74636268705153
A. GuinotteFC Girondins de Bordeaux WFrance WRB73454371717867
M. RaguinFC Girondins de Bordeaux WFrance WCM67625765706761
J. KarličićFC Girondins de Bordeaux WInternational WomenLM71666961706049
D. LambourneLeicester City WEngland WGK717436715713
CJ BottLeicester City WNew Zealand WRB72554981587166
A. McManusLeicester City WEngland WCB77274540727870
G. BroughamLeicester City WEngland WCB76294469667263
A. PlumptreLeicester City WInternational WomenCB74575443707676
J. PurfieldLeicester City WEngland WLWB76656079577675
S. O’BrienLeicester City WEngland WRM75675848557071
S. TierneyLeicester City WEngland WCM73736349716559
M. PikeLeicester City WEngland WCM70575160668060
A. WhelanLeicester City WEngland WLM77706067766060
J. SigsworthLeicester City WEngland WST73757151546249
J. GreenLeicester City WWales WCM68685249716559
S. HowardLeicester City WScotland WRB75265057728079
E. SimonLeicester City WUnited States WLB74484257636058
C. JonesLeicester City WWales WRW63565662614745
N. FlintLeicester City WEngland WST74756544554072
K. LevellLeicester City WEngland WGK728541672607
M. GoodwinLeicester City WEngland WST63605437515857
A. BergerChelsea WGermany WGK847358826015
È. PérissetChelsea WFrance WCB82446187837055
M. BrightChelsea WEngland WCB87455950889089
M. ErikssonChelsea WSweden WCB84485777808889
N. CharlesChelsea WEngland WRM80725979808055
E. CuthbertChelsea WScotland WCM83776684806856
S. IngleChelsea WWales WCM80665862848060
G. ReitenChelsea WNorway WLM86826694796560
P. HarderChelsea WInternational WomenRW86798578837876
S. Kerr Chelsea WAustralia WST91937980679191
F. KirbyChelsea WEngland WCAM86897763747272
M. LeupolzChelsea WGermany WCM81767182817159
K. BuchananChelsea WCanada WCB85314526719382
Z. MušovićChelsea WSweden WGK7892416787125
J. FlemingChelsea WCanada WCM80807049834459
A. NouwenChelsea WNetherlands WCB79485638768576
M. MjeldeChelsea WNorway WCB77566578758657
J. R. KanerydChelsea WSweden WCM74726473766460
B. EnglandChelsea WEngland WST81858062687177
K. SvitkováChelsea WInternational WomenLWB81757086726674
M. ZinsbergerArsenal WInternational WomenGK8618543385836
N. MaritzArsenal WInternational WomenRB82536085817176
L. WilliamsonArsenal WEngland WCB85465260908985
L. Wubben-MoyArsenal WEngland WCB81485932858282
S. CatleyArsenal WAustralia WLB83735484837776
K. LittleArsenal WScotland WCDM88788084867556
L. WältiArsenal WInternational WomenCDM83656572698456
H. HayashiWest Ham United WJapan WCM80637273846367
B. MeadArsenal WEngland WRM88926892837468
C. FoordArsenal WAustralia WCAM81745982778755
K. McCabe Arsenal WRepublic of Ireland WLM84697687828076
V. MiedemaArsenal WNetherlands WST89907569677583
S. BlacksteniusArsenal WSweden WST81866553556057
RafaelleArsenal WBrazil WCB81406774798281
K. MarckeseArsenal WUnited States WGK74821868615
M. IwabuchiArsenal WJapan WCM77676332795248
F. MaanumArsenal WNorway WCDM79715069797060
J. BeattieArsenal WScotland WCB78675642737572
J. NobbsArsenal WEngland WLW83796680836850
A. NaeherFree Agents WUnited States WGK85134217806616
E. SonnettFree Agents WUnited States WRB82466470807272
A. CookFree Agents WUnited States WCB81345841797078
B. SauerbrunnFree Agents WUnited States WCB85355665708681
K. O’HaraFree Agents WUnited States WLB84655881736078
R. LavelleFree Agents WUnited States WCM86816169906044
A. MorganFree Agents WUnited States WST90958871777686
M. PughFree Agents WUnited States WLW85877579736367
A. SullivanFree Agents WUnited States WRM81578077866257
L. WilliamsFree Agents WUnited States WST82848673757281
M. PurceFree Agents WUnited States WRW82755277787050
J. CampbellFree Agents WUnited States WGK85134217866417
A. DahlkemperFree Agents WUnited States WCB84467073807683
C. PressFree Agents WUnited States WLW86888275796984
S. MewisFree Agents WUnited States WCM84757678866677
C. WheelerEverton WAustralia WCM63304362685946
C. PolkinghorneFree Agents WAustralia WCB77334837757980
Emily van EgmondFree Agents WAustralia WCM79668571776176
T. YallopFree Agents WAustralia WCM77677175807756
A. ChidiacFree Agents WAustralia WCAM70666663726839
C. NevinFree Agents WAustralia WLB64223262565546
J. RuizFree Agents WBrazil WGK8051211756814
B. ReveliaFree Agents WBrazil WRB79383979697668
B. RedelaFree Agents WBrazil WCB79265842586579
J. MuttoFree Agents WBrazil WCB82254038718484
L. LiaFree Agents WBrazil WLB81423883756359
I. MacapáFree Agents WBrazil WRM81497885796057
K. PombalFree Agents WBrazil WCM80776265825845
B. SauderaFree Agents WBrazil WCM81546656838448
E. BarniFree Agents WBrazil WLM83707984805845
P. BastosFree Agents WBrazil WST82858361656984
M. CoutoFree Agents WBrazil WST83848574777471
N. CintraFree Agents WBrazil WCF76777135516875
K. ElisinhaFree Agents WBrazil WCM74345042756545
I. VieirinhaFree Agents WBrazil WGK7571715796211
Z. TocantinsFree Agents WBrazil WLB76154868686974
M. GoiásFree Agents WBrazil WLM77707376734442
Kim Min JungFree Agents WKorea Republic WGK70101514716014
Kim Hye RiFree Agents WKorea Republic WRB76454875666769
Lim Seon JooFree Agents WKorea Republic WCB79174548567377
Jeong Yeong AnFree Agents WKorea Republic WCB72184135456968
Jang Sel GiFree Agents WKorea Republic WLB81624277757077
Kang Ga AeFree Agents WKorea Republic WGK728166796513
Lee Min AFree Agents WKorea Republic WCM81795546787155
Kang Chae RimFree Agents WKorea Republic WRM78674867785445
Ji So YunFree Agents WKorea Republic WCAM81818174825968
Jung Seol BinFree Agents WKorea Republic WST71767228657075
Yeo Min JiFree Agents WKorea Republic WCAM75777042556575
Moon Mi RaFree Agents WKorea Republic WLW75764638756545
Son Hwa YeonFree Agents WKorea Republic WST77808058437670
Lee Young JuFree Agents WKorea Republic WCDM74324147756648
L. LichtfusDijon FCO WBelgium WGK7291212696112
L. GoetschDijon FCO WFrance WRB77384973666762
H. FercocqDijon FCO WFrance WCB76424547678478
M. GrecDijon FCO WInternational WomenCB73313432507477
M. MartinsDijon FCO WPortugal WLB74464264685659
E. TyryshkinaDijon FCO WInternational WomenCDM77546970777675
L. DeclercqDijon FCO WFrance WCDM77696069786851
R. LavaudDijon FCO WFrance WRM76657368683441
J. HellstromDijon FCO WCanada WLM71665265604641
J. DearDijon FCO WEngland WCAM76716861775654
R. BorgellaDijon FCO WInternational WomenST75777351667374
M. DiazDijon FCO WSpain WRM74696376686543
C. SandvejDijon FCO WInternational WomenCB73414152597369
E. BurnsDijon FCO WCanada WGK698131366588
M. RothDijon FCO WFrance WCF70735562635959
M. JalletDijon FCO WFrance WLB69665666526162
M. LaisneyDijon FCO WFrance WCAM68705665655351
K. TalaslahtiFC Fleury 91 WInternational WomenGK7814151472579
C. FernandesFC Fleury 91 WFrance WRB78475276686964
J. DebeverFC Fleury 91 WFrance WCB80384748678383
J. PigaFC Fleury 91 WFrance WCB79394144678378
M. LevasseurFC Fleury 91 WCanada WLB78685772667358
G. YangoFC Fleury 91 WInternational WomenCDM78706356796558
L. Le GarrecFC Fleury 91 WFrance WCM79747576816967
D. GrabowskaFC Fleury 91 WInternational WomenCM80758078835542
E. KamczykFC Fleury 91 WInternational WomenRW80727377786959
R. KouassiFC Fleury 91 WInternational WomenST76796355677460
M. DafeurFC Fleury 91 WFrance WLW79746979756859
S. KasaiFC Fleury 91 WFrance WCDM69525748735748
C. N’GaziFC Fleury 91 WInternational WomenGK7281712666614
F. MeffometouFC Fleury 91 WInternational WomenRB77525273717074
M. BigotFC Fleury 91 WFrance WRW75716174715252
C. SwabyFC Fleury 91 WInternational WomenCB75354566708070
B. LouisFC Fleury 91 WInternational WomenST76746260706870
C. PerraultEn Avant de Guingamp WFrance WGK7391210715513
M. RevelliEn Avant de Guingamp WFrance WRB77464771716768
H. MansuyEn Avant de Guingamp WFrance WCB75304150727672
E. JézéquelEn Avant de Guingamp WFrance WCB75404052707871
M. PereaEn Avant de Guingamp WFrance WLB73584769656059
S. DaoudiEn Avant de Guingamp WFrance WCDM77585763776654
A. TraoréEn Avant de Guingamp WInternational WomenRM76726970707160
A. LahmariEn Avant de Guingamp WFrance WCM74706571736650
S. JuliniEn Avant de Guingamp WInternational WomenCM77606960786852
L. Marie-CharlotteEn Avant de Guingamp WFrance WLM74757565707772
S. CambotEn Avant de Guingamp WFrance WST78837274737165
N. RichardEn Avant de Guingamp WFrance WCM69584447696544
G. KazadiEn Avant de Guingamp WFrance WRB75433972706358
M. Le PageEn Avant de Guingamp WFrance WGK68121410666012
M. RenardEn Avant de Guingamp WFrance WCB74393836668472
A. PeniguelEn Avant de Guingamp WFrance WST71736431587469
E. GuilloisEn Avant de Guingamp WFrance WLB72313962586952
L. TeinturierEn Avant de Guingamp WFrance WRM72675870697252
R. MunichASJ-Soyaux Charente WFrance WGK7551412725412
Yang ShuhuiASJ-Soyaux Charente WChina PR WRB69334662566148
S. TandiaASJ-Soyaux Charente WFrance WCB73374038707172
E. Saint GeorgesASJ-Soyaux Charente WFrance WCB71283846638074
C. CollinASJ-Soyaux Charente WFrance WLB73374142647971
C. CouturierASJ-Soyaux Charente WFrance WCDM74385646717568
A. CleracASJ-Soyaux Charente WFrance WCDM73455557735554
E. AvitalASJ-Soyaux Charente WInternational WomenRM68595759625940
L. BourgouinASJ-Soyaux Charente WFrance WLM74757268656759
J. JinantuyaASJ-Soyaux Charente WInternational WomenCAM63585656635749
S. GbogouASJ-Soyaux Charente WInternational WomenST70706842515976
F. KomeASJ-Soyaux Charente WInternational WomenCAM68595959656740
L. MultariASJ-Soyaux Charente WFrance WCB71273532647469
E. KaabachiASJ-Soyaux Charente WInternational WomenCDM72525047696550
A. DonnaryASJ-Soyaux Charente WFrance WCM73595059746459
M. AllaouiASJ-Soyaux Charente WFrance WGK63121512635012
I. KayaASJ-Soyaux Charente WInternational WomenLB68243458576761
B. DiakitéASJ-Soyaux Charente WInternational WomenST70716542556763
P. Peyraud-MagninFree Agents WFrance WGK83111213825211
M. MalardOlympique Lyonnias WFrance WST82826878767468
J. LerondFC Girondins de Bordeaux WFrance WGK72111913675112
S. TolettiFree Agents WFrance WCM81737282826657
C. MateoParis FC WFrance WRM85867274838273
A. TounkaraManchester United WFrance WCB78324342767473
Zhu YuFree Agents WChina PR WGK72102014695912
Li MengwenParis Saint-Germain WChina PR WRB76594075776076
Wu HaiyanFree Agents WChina PR WCB79546370737979
Wang XiaoxueFree Agents WChina PR WCB75213728567474
Yao LingweiFree Agents WChina PR WLB73756668736957
Wang ShuangFree Agents WChina PR WRM81827568755877
Yao LingweiFree Agents WChina PR WCM73715244735748
Zhang RuiFree Agents WChina PR WCM74697376744752
Zhang XinFree Agents WChina PR WLM79796079774740
Wang ShanshanFree Agents WChina PR WST79827177747280
Tang JialiFree Agents WChina PR WST71605978564859
Yang LinaParis Saint-Germain WChina PR WCM73695044736247
Lou JiahuiFree Agents WChina PR WRB74695068747170
Zhao LinaFree Agents WChina PR WGK71172314686713
Li QingtongFree Agents WChina PR WCB73233426577572
Ma JunFree Agents WChina PR WCM77736750797972
Song DuanFree Agents WChina PR WCM70766138717061
Zhang LinyanFree Agents WChina PR WST66686444538257
K. SheridanFree Agents WCanada WGK83102513805317
A. ChapmanFree Agents WCanada WRB77305369566476
V. GillesOlympique Lyonnias WCanada WCB83253825748482
D. ScottFree Agents WCanada WCM83425558826968
QuinnFree Agents WCanada WCM77365362777367
C. SinclairFree Agents WCanada WCAM84898682857685
N. PrinceFree Agents WCanada WST77786367698368
J. BeckieFree Agents WCanada WST79746777757164
E. McLeodFree Agents WCanada WGK79152915785016
J. HuitemaFree Agents WCanada WST75797047557265
S. SchmidtFree Agents WCanada WCM84787675857463
N. EvrardFree Agents WBelgium WGK7991713796012
J. VangheluweFree Agents WBelgium WRB73263367626863
S. KeesFree Agents WBelgium WCB70243627597573
L. De NeveFree Agents WBelgium WCB74333668727174
D. PhiltjensFree Agents WBelgium WLB75565472737548
J. BiesmansFree Agents WBelgium WCDM76263653757078
E. DhontFree Agents WBelgium WRM74736771717151
T. De CaignyFree Agents WBelgium WCAM79848152677080
T. WullaertFree Agents WBelgium WST81848179777374
M. MinnaertFree Agents WBelgium WCM73686355786357
F. DelacauwFree Agents WBelgium WCDM70584454707040
L. DelooseFree Agents WBelgium WRB73313170647364
E. Van KerkhovenFree Agents WBelgium WST70736447607368
H. EurlingsFree Agents WBelgium WCF73726561716759
A. TysiakFree Agents WBelgium WCB70213729557069
V. EssonRangers FC WNew Zealand WGK7481012715010
T. MiddagRangers FC WNetherlands WCM77574167765555
J. FifeRangers FC WScotland WGK73101711716113
N. DochertyRangers FC WScotland WLB73544471627167
R. McLauchlanRangers FC WScotland WRB72483672696460
J. RossRangers FC WScotland WST74757468647073
L. ArnotRangers FC WScotland WST73797532407070
K. HillRangers FC WScotland WCB70223855676971
B. HayRangers FC WScotland WST71787258626470
D. OrschmannRangers FC WGermany WCM76685139487048
H. DavisonRangers FC WUnited States WCB77243557597939
K. Howat-ThomsonRangers FC WScotland WCF73697543586646
C. CavanaghRangers FC WScotland WCM72534875735744
M. NolfRangers FC WUnited States WRB68302350516350
C. CornetRangers FC WScotland WCDM72605144506954
J. DanielssonRangers FC WInternational WomenCAM70736449807135
M. BellRangers FC WInternational WomenRM66584270536060
L. GibsonFree Agents WScotland WGK75101711755814
A. HarrisonFree Agents WScotland WRM71807574517065
C. WeirFree Agents WScotland WCM84706173865268
C. EmslieFree Agents WScotland WLM77765472747755
L. ClellandFree Agents WScotland WST74767672587872
L. RobertsonFree Agents WScotland WCM70555055717161
M. ThomasManchester United WScotland WST76785763587665
C. MurrayFree Agents WScotland WCDM74735664775771
E. NaylerFree Agents WNew Zealand WGK77142018736514
M. MooreFree Agents WNew Zealand WCB75294857687271
A. RileyFree Agents WNew Zealand WLB80758187757170
B. HassettFree Agents WNew Zealand WRM75745675516170
K. BowenFree Agents WNew Zealand WCDM78595680797364
A. LongoFree Agents WNew Zealand WCAM75725765796761
O. ChanceFree Agents WNew Zealand WLM73706471703432
H. WilkinsonFree Agents WNew Zealand WST75767458596775
R. WhiteFree Agents WNew Zealand WST74735978727872
A. GreenFree Agents WNew Zealand WLB76665173707168
E. AntonFree Agents WNew Zealand WRB68283566556841
M. FrohmsVfL Wolfsburg WGermany WGK848189817910
K. HendrichVfL Wolfsburg WGermany WCB83345671807682
L. OberdorfVfL Wolfsburg WGermany WCDM86725362837680
L. LattweinVfL Wolfsburg WGermany WCAM79766171776368
S. HuthVfL Wolfsburg WGermany WRW86778671488378
A. PoppVfL Wolfsburg WGermany WST88867489927889
F. RauchVfL Wolfsburg WGermany WLB81416276657870
T. WaßmuthVfL Wolfsburg WGermany WRM85897080776975
J. Brand VfL Wolfsburg WGermany WLW79805671766168
J. RoordVfL Wolfsburg WNetherlands WRW85867885825667
L. WilmsVfL Wolfsburg WNetherlands WRB75444278706255
D. JanssenVfL Wolfsburg WNetherlands WLB83777273807884
R. BlomqvistVfL Wolfsburg WSweden WST74767058776472
S. J. JónsdóttirVfL Wolfsburg WIceland WRW79747077726078
P. BremerVfL Wolfsburg WGermany WST80876768686581
F. RauchVfL Wolfsburg WGermany WLB81376076707870
L. WeißVfL Wolfsburg WGermany WGK738229747013
S. StarkeVfL Wolfsburg WGermany WCAM74726461676360
D. van DomselaarFree Agents WNetherlands WGK7361912696410
S. van der GragtFree Agents WNetherlands WCB80504660737485
S. SpitseFree Agents WNetherlands WCDM83678786886260
V. PelovaFree Agents WNetherlands WCM76686671745745
J. WeimarFree Agents WNetherlands WGK67622663676
L. BeerensteynFree Agents WNetherlands WRW80756474675768
C. DijkstraFree Agents WNetherlands WCB68223632606660
R. JansenFree Agents WNetherlands WST75765967666667
B. LorsheydFree Agents WNetherlands WGK71102015706215
S. PañosFC Barcelona WSpain WGK88112716877220
I. ParedesFC Barcelona WSpain WCB88517059737988
M. LeónFC Barcelona WSpain WCB88616486907687
C. PinaFC Barcelona WSpain WLW83886877836269
P. GuijarroFC Barcelona WSpain WCDM85857569907276
A. PutellasFC Barcelona WSpain WCM92949187937574
A. BonmatíFC Barcelona WSpain WCM86897067887361
C. Graham HansenFC Barcelona WNorway WCAM90868093876875
I. Syrstad EngenFC Barcelona WNorway WCDM84735975867070
L. BronzeFC Barcelona WEngland WRB90736287849282
F. RolföFC Barcelona WSweden WLW85877781845879
A. OshoalaFC Barcelona WInternational WomenST83927279787074
M. TorrejónFC Barcelona WSpain WRB79605082617380
L. CodinaFC Barcelona WSpain WCB77362855696668
G. FerreiraFC Barcelona WBrazil WCM83667564817059
C. CollFC Barcelona WSpain WGK747334187710
M. CaldenteyFC Barcelona WSpain WLW81898979776647
J. HermosoFree Agents WSpain WCF88939072867278
M. CardonaFree Agents WSpain WRW77765979754959
A. PereiraFree Agents WSpain WCB80214040777179
E. GonzálezFree Agents WSpain WST81897158677578
D. GallardoFree Agents WSpain WGK76122322777914
C. Rán RúnarsdóttirFC Bayern München WIceland WGK727591469575
G. Perla ViggósdóttirFC Bayern München WIceland WCB81676951826984
K. Lea VilhjálmsdóttirFC Bayern München WIceland WRM77626775776467
E. LaurentFC Bayern München WFrance WRW73696474644629
G. StanwayFC Bayern München WEngland WCM84808566866947
T. HansenFC Bayern München WNorway WRB71253630427167
G. GwinnFC Bayern München WGermany WRB84746183826780
L. BenkarthFC Bayern München WGermany WGK826467707810
L. DallmannFC Bayern München WGermany WCAM82795472815842
L. SchüllerFC Bayern München WGermany WST84917661686986
S. LohmannFC Bayern München WGermany WCAM79596165836968
K. BühlFC Bayern München WGermany WLW82847274776976
L. MagullFC Bayern München WGermany WCM87847679896460
S. KumagaiFC Bayern München WJapan WCB86326835838084
TainaraFC Bayern München WBrazil WCB82214456805588
E. BragstadFC Bayern München WGermany WCB69293456585555
J. DamnjanovićFC Bayern München WInternational WomenST79866745576750
G. PettersenFree Agents WNorway WGK70141713746315
K. SævikFree Agents WNorway WRM76715973776351
A. SønstevoldFree Agents WNorway WRB72383159598069
G. BergsvandFree Agents WNorway WCB70253025387568
S. SkoglundFree Agents WNorway WGK69101315676113
S. Skinnes HansenFree Agents WNorway WRB72616274637375
S. Román HaugFree Agents WNorway WST71696858618381
A. Langås JøsendalFree Agents WNorway WLM70656467636442
S. SigurðardóttirFree Agents WIceland WGK76515863575
T. ÍvarsdóttirFree Agents WIceland WGK65514566656
S. AtladóttirFree Agents WIceland WRB70355669735864
G. ArnardóttirFree Agents WIceland WCB73345132715871
H. Guðný GísladóttirFree Agents WIceland WLB72325565615667
S. Björk GunnarsdóttirFree Agents WIceland WCDM80675959836749
B. B. ÞórvaldsdóttirFree Agents WIceland WST74766834605672
A. M. AlbertsdóttirFree Agents WIceland WLW72696278665662
A. JóhannsdóttirFree Agents WIceland WCM70666353736466
E. Metta JensenFree Agents WIceland WST74786641596574
G. ÁrnadóttirFree Agents WIceland WRB74345269715668
S. Sól MagnúsdóttirFree Agents WIceland WCDM68586462695253
G. JónsdóttirFree Agents WIceland WCDM74525653707564
I. SigurðardóttirFree Agents WIceland WCB72566054675965
H. LindahlFree Agents WSweden WGK84162518817214
J. FalkFree Agents WSweden WGK78151013775111
H. GlasFC Bayern München WSweden WRB83654480777079
J. AnderssonFree Agents WSweden WLB78425878717873
C. SegerFree Agents WSweden WCM84776968896086
K. AsllaniFree Agents WSweden WCAM84808872816762
L. HurtigArsenal WSweden WRW80837178807682
S. JakobssonFree Agents WSweden WST83857484744669
L. SembrantFree Agents WSweden WCB82325528796485
A. NildénFree Agents WSweden WLB78586468796872
O. SchoughFree Agents WSweden WLM77787478687370
A. SchultFree Agents WGermany WGK87112011846111
L. FreigangFree Agents WGermany WST82897438637480
S. DoorsounFree Agents WGermany WCB82665675818277
N. AnyomiFree Agents WGermany WRW77746567738484
A. YamashitaFree Agents WJapan WGK8382315807814
M. MinamiFree Agents WJapan WCB79184339717077
A. MiyagawaFree Agents WJapan WLB79424680586569
S. IkedaFree Agents WJapan WGK7983028797312
C. HiraoFree Agents WJapan WGK75113224196712
Y. SugasawaFree Agents WJapan WST78787642536777
Y. MomikiFree Agents WJapan WRM74706270695557
H. SugitaFree Agents WJapan WCM80775564835955
N. MiuraFree Agents WJapan WCM77706764805670
E. NakajimaFree Agents WJapan WLM77826680736149
M. UenoFree Agents WJapan WST70756246546768
J. EndoFree Agents WJapan WLW70757068565875
M. TakaseFree Agents WJapan WST78718034704178
M. TanakaFree Agents WJapan WST81877842507879
F. NaganoLiverpool WJapan WLM75566275797070
A. MiyagawaFree Agents WJapan WRB78384470625571
C. MustakiFree Agents WRepublic of Ireland WLB65323756687058
L. QuinnFree Agents WRepublic of Ireland WCB75436038557462
D. O’SullivanFree Agents WRepublic of Ireland WCM75675569736562
S. RocheFree Agents WRepublic of Ireland WST77847444495660
D. CaldwellReading WRepublic of Ireland WCDM80476057786549
H. PayneFree Agents WRepublic of Ireland WLW72747074806651
S. McCarthyFree Agents WRepublic of Ireland WCB68122530706650
L. QuinnFree Agents WRepublic of Ireland WRW74738069706944
J. FishlockFree Agents WWales WCM81695857687365
L. O’SullivanFree Agents WWales WGK744183362716
S. Middleton-PatelManchester United WWales WGK569202259643
C. LacasseSL Benfica WCanada WRW68696165625060
L. AlvesSL Benfica WPortugal WLB70363872715953
A. FariaSL Benfica WPortugal WCM70634952725258
N. RayslaSL Benfica WPortugal WST72755333595750
A. VitóriaSL Benfica WPortugal WCM77726061746956
A. PauletaSL Benfica WSpain WCM70554177644843
K. TalbertSL Benfica WUnited States WGK70191214466713
C. UcheibeSL Benfica WInternational WomenCAM74685752567760
M. CintraSL Benfica WBrazil WST66706933476244
C. VilãoSL Benfica WPortugal WGK65515757606
A. SeiçaSL Benfica WPortugal WCB76221558476866
S. KleinherneFree Agents WGermany WCB77273837668676
F. DongusFree Agents WGermany WCDM77615170767176
S. NüskenFree Agents WGermany WCDM76645568816773
A. CrnogorčevićFC Barcelona WSwitzerland WRW86908280878174
G. ThalmannFree Agents WSwitzerland WGK821238607111
V. CalligarisFree Agents WSwitzerland WRB80301756476760
F. HummFree Agents WSwitzerland WCF80856652675768
G. ReutelerFree Agents WSwitzerland WCB82441633556259
R. KiwicFree Agents WSwitzerland WCB81584161527570
L. MartiFree Agents WSwitzerland WCDM77554749637060
R. RinastFree Agents WSwitzerland WCB79293639493327
S. FriedliFree Agents WSwitzerland WGK79202656609
L. PengFree Agents WSwitzerland WGK7518512595811
R. XhemailiFree Agents WSwitzerland WCM78635052646166
M. TerchounFree Agents WSwitzerland WST78867750645868
S. MaendlyFree Agents WSwitzerland WCAM80837679755870
C. MurphyNorth Carolina Courage WUnited States WGK871591174828
E. FoxNorth Carolina Courage WUnited States WLB81454774726371
E. JohnsonNorth Carolina Courage WInternational WomenCB77373934657176
B. PintoNorth Carolina Courage WUnited States WRM76767065756488
K. RowlandNorth Carolina Courage WUnited States WGK76711671764
T. LussiFree Agents WUnited States WRB75454375696689
R. WilliamsNorth Carolina Courage WUnited States WRB75484474706864
K. KurtzNorth Carolina Courage WUnited States WCB75384141547277
S. BruunOlympique Lyonnias WDenmark WST73676859577166
S. J. PedersenFree Agents WDenmark WCDM76253164655949
L. ChristensenFree Agents WDenmark WGK729201665759
A. ErcegRacing Louisville WNew Zealand WCB82644844748383
N. NadimRacing Louisville WDenmark WCAM76767252696240
K. LundRacing Louisville WUnited States WGK76512873769
J. McDonaldRacing Louisville WUnited States WST80828681737177
S. DemeloRacing Louisville WUnited States WCAM78747274775752
J. HowellRacing Louisville WUnited States WCDM77525443686286
L. MillietRacing Louisville WUnited States WCAM75716665725033
P. MonaghanRacing Louisville WUnited States WLM75716775725270
C. MøllerFree Agents WDenmark WST73707857664749
S. SvavaFree Agents WDenmark WLM77615973813228
S. B. PedersenFree Agents WDenmark WCB78472260505750
K. LarsenFree Agents WDenmark WGK6937844657
P. RoudautMontpellier HSC WFrance WCM64634362685946
L. GevitzMontpellier HSC WDenmark WCB78392940625853
D. ColapricoSan Diego Wave WUnited States WCM81777165785557
R. HillSan Diego Wave WUnited States WCAM81797875815769
T. KornieckSan Diego Wave WUnited States WCAM80797262758783
C. WestphalSan Diego Wave WUnited States WRB80454578747374
N. GirmaSan Diego Wave WUnited States WCB80384357617881
Z. WyneRacing Louisville WUnited States WLM71676463665349
L. DaughertyRacing Louisville WUnited States WGK7281512216714
E. PikkujämsäRacing Louisville WInternational WomenCB70374036576572
E. EkicRacing Louisville WUnited States WCAM73676368725451
R. HollowayRacing Louisville WUnited States WLB71374371626061
J. McDonald Racing Louisville WUnited States WST80828681737177
K. DavisRacing Louisville WUnited States WST73726965676271
C. PickettRacing Louisville WUnited States WLB83474782746674
J. LesterRacing Louisville WUnited States WRB74424271636460
B. RatcliffeNorth Carolina Courage WUnited States WST74756967686374
E. GrayNorth Carolina Courage WUnited States WCAM70696163675857
M. SpeckNorth Carolina Courage WUnited States WLM74685976746259
N. KerolinNorth Carolina Courage WBrazil WRM80767179765853
M. BerkelyNorth Carolina Courage WUnited States WCB73384152577571
R. MadsenNorth Carolina Courage WDenmark WST72736830566466
M. BovaNorth Carolina Courage WUnited States WGK738189246711
M. DoniakSan Diego Wave WUnited States WST79817673717773
H. HopkinsNorth Carolina Courage WUnited States WST70706368665970
S. CollinsNorth Carolina Courage WCanada WCB70363939507269
M. JensenNorth Carolina Courage WDenmark WLM73756870697961
T. BoadeNorth Carolina Courage WUnited States WLM71716859695544
F. TagliaferriNorth Carolina Courage WUnited States WCM71685956677552
J. KassenVfL Wolfsburg WGermany WGK69630926576
K. McNabbSan Diego Wave WUnited States WLB79444677717278
C. TelfordSan Diego Wave WEngland WGK79163511815417
K. RiehlSan Diego Wave WUnited States WCB77384143577277
K. TurnbowSan Diego Wave WUnited States WRM76736778747064
M. HowardSan Diego Wave WUnited States WCDM76586242666061
B. BriedeSan Diego Wave WUnited States WCM76686251707355
M. PogarchSan Diego Wave WUnited States WLB75474371677662
M. SwansonChicago Red Stars WUnited States WLW87878184837568
Y. NagasatoChicago Red Stars WJapan WCAM84827271815767
T. MilazzoChicago Red Stars WUnited States WCB81374161627086
T. DavidsonChicago Red Stars WUnited States WCB80364154617374
A. WrightChicago Red Stars WUnited States WLWB79484776676877
E. BoydChicago Red Stars WUnited States WGK78102414755011
B. St.GeorgesChicago Red Stars WUnited States WRWB78484176697256
C. RoccarioChicago Red Stars WUnited States WCAM77736657747262
A. KowalskiChicago Red Stars WUnited States WCB76384035517875
C. KruegerChicago Red Stars WUnited States WRB76464578717873
K. SharplesChicago Red Stars WUnited States WCB75393633508372
J. Aguilera Chicago Red Stars WUnited States WLWB75484775678166
S. FisherChicago Red Stars WUnited States WCAM73736670727052
E. StevensChicago Red Stars WUnited States WST74766558665674
J. BikeChicago Red Stars WUnited States WRB72474366596765
A. CookChicago Red Stars WUnited States WST74796649615874
K. KiedrzynekVfL Wolfsburg WInternational WomenGK79635974767
T. PawollekEintracht Frankfurt WGermany WCDM83796557777454
L. PrasnikarEintracht Frankfurt WInternational WomenST83907046698079
L. FeiersingerEintracht Frankfurt WInternational WomenCM81696369777057
V. HanshawEintracht Frankfurt WInternational WomenLB81536669778067
G. ReutelerEintracht Frankfurt WInternational WomenST80766669767268
S. JohannesEintracht Frankfurt WGermany WGK797131276367
LeticiaEintracht Frankfurt WBrazil WRB79314171696761
B. DunstEintracht Frankfurt WInternational WomenCM79707069767055
S. MartinezEintracht Frankfurt WGermany WST77776059707172
V. KirchbergerEintracht Frankfurt WInternational WomenCB75456244657769
AtheneaReal Madrid WSpain WRW81796373746777
N. FellerReal Madrid WFrance WLW80846671707269
I. AndresReal Madrid WSpain WCB79304946597167
N. GarcíaReal Madrid WSpain WST79848060687478
O. CarmonaReal Madrid WSpain WLB79728180767068
C. ZornozaReal Madrid WSpain WCM79785965775549
F. OlofssonReal Madrid WSweden WCDM78524862725666
M. OrozReal Madrid WSpain WCM78705461747548
M. RodríguezReal Madrid WSpain WGK78172920736515
KathellenReal Madrid WBrazil WCB78403240578084
T. AbelleiraReal Madrid WSpain WCM77706558767043
C. MollerReal Madrid WDenmark WLW77767564706474
M. CorrederaReal Madrid WSpain WRB75547071705161
M. GerardReal Madrid WFrance WGK75162819736413
R. GalvezReal Madrid WSpain WCB75223931517280
C. GirelliJuventus WInternational WomenST86938769738882
B. BonanseaJuventus WInternational WomenRW84847175756275
S. GamaJuventus WInternational WomenCB79122044537527
L. BoattinJuventus WInternational WomenLB84636878807169
M. RosucciJuventus WInternational WomenCDM83646265806758
C. SalvaiJuventus WInternational WomenCB81435265706778
A. CarusoJuventus WInternational WomenCM83897375816776
V. CernoiaJuventus WInternational WomenRW79785876766160
M. LenziniJuventus WInternational WomenCB78416566716578
P. NyströmJuventus WSweden WCF72626069814558
R. AprileJuventus WInternational WomenGK74143834707347
M. RapinoeOL Reign WUnited States WLW86899289858272
S. HuertaOL Reign WUnited States WRB82464882748076
L. BarnesOL Reign WUnited States WLB81414780708169
P. Tullis-Joyce OL Reign WUnited States WGK80111812756612
B. BalcerOL Reign WUnited States WST77797164705679
S. HiattOL Reign WUnited States WCB76373941578977
O. Van der JagtOL Reign WUnited States WCDM75555141657448
J. HuitemaOL Reign WCanada WST75797058669065
N. StantonOL Reign WUnited States WCDM74525241656051
C. DickeyOL Reign WUnited States WGK729189246412
P. McClernonOL Reign WUnited States WCB71384242567967
M. CanalesOL Reign WUnited States WCDM70565240616443
A. MalonsonOL Reign WUnited States WLB70484673646952
O. AthensOL Reign WUnited States WCAM70696363695451
V. LatskoOL Reign WUnited States WST74767057666269
L. IvoryOL Reign WUnited States WGK7211221324628
R. AyaneTottenham Hotspur WMorocco WST75757255586069
Shim Seo YeonFree Agents WKorea Republic WCB73355937496865
Hong Hye JiFree Agents WKorea Republic WCB72304225457073
Choo Hyo JooFree Agents WKorea Republic WLW74716479695765
Choe Yu RiFree Agents WKorea Republic WLW72736873675858
S. MiyakeFree Agents WJapan WLB73496263596567
M. MoriyaFree Agents WJapan WRM71536376726056
L. AggFree Agents WRepublic of Ireland WCDM70685449645646
J. FinnFree Agents WRepublic of Ireland WRWB71555869675854
Á. O’GormanFree Agents WRepublic of Ireland WRM70726070676266
Phạm Hải YếnFree Agents WVietnam WST73766858666469
Huỳnh NhưFree Agents WVietnam WCF75756867736769
Khổng Thị HằngFree Agents WVietnam WGK66111411236514
Lê Thị Diễm MyFree Agents WVietnam WCB69283728477268
Lương Thị Thu ThươngFree Agents WVietnam WCB70314540517674
Phạm Hoàng QuỳnhFree Agents WVietnam WCM68645756654341
Nguyễn Thị Mỹ AnhFree Agents WVietnam WLWB71525768695948
Trần Thị Thu ThảoFree Agents WVietnam WCB70283633517068
Nguyễn Thị Tuyết NgânFree Agents WVietnam WST68696339586569
Trần Thị Kim ThanhFree Agents WVietnam WGK7391415276912
Thái Thị ThảoFree Agents WVietnam WCM73716967736869
Nguyễn Thị Bích ThùyFree Agents WVietnam WRM73696372715741
Nguyễn Thị Thanh NhãFree Agents WVietnam WRM72665868676144
Dương Thị VânFree Agents WVietnam WCM69685868705944
Chương Thị KiềuFree Agents WVietnam WCB71333833597373
Trần Thị Phương ThảoFree Agents WVietnam WCB71333932517368
Lại Thị TuyếtFree Agents WVietnam WGK6991715215514
Nguyễn Thị VạnFree Agents WVietnam WCM68696160685842
Nguyễn Thị Tuyết DungFree Agents WVietnam WCAM74726873764842
Trần Thị Thùy TrangFree Agents WVietnam WCDM72586458685748
B. ZanerattoFree Agents WBrazil WST81886460737274
MartaFree Agents WBrazil WCAM84828683845753
LorenaFree Agents WBrazil WGK79153317307313
GeyseFree Agents WBrazil WST81857267738173
DebinhaFree Agents WBrazil WCAM88827884875556
TamiresFree Agents WBrazil WLB83495585747374
F. TagnaoutFree Agents WMorocco WLW74676972674747
I. SaoudFree Agents WMorocco WRW71685970696353
G. ChebbakFree Agents WMorocco WCM74687372765751
S. AmaniFree Agents WMorocco WCM72656864716358
É. NakkachFree Agents WMorocco WCDM75524558686661
K. Er-RmichiFree Agents WMorocco WGK729121019548
N. El ChadFree Agents WMorocco WCB70384356567470
Y. MrabetFree Agents WMorocco WCM73555052667581
Z. RedouaniFree Agents WMorocco WLB73454568656367
H. Aït El HajFree Agents WMorocco WRB71484567616152
I. JraïdiFree Agents WMorocco WST73757362636871
S. MssoudyFree Agents WMorocco WRW71706162655353
M. HassaniFree Agents WMorocco WRW70636563655955
N. BadriFree Agents WMorocco WCM70687067715948
G. ChhiriFree Agents WMorocco WLB73424161636870
A. RabbahFree Agents WMorocco WCB70403341556873
S. BoukhamiFree Agents WMorocco WCB70402740527374
A. ZouhairFree Agents WMorocco WGK68101412215911
V. MiedemaArsenal WNetherlands WST88887564707583
S. D'AngeloArsenal WCanada WGK76101414755214
V. PelovaArsenal WNetherlands WCAM76686671725745
S. SmithFree Agents WUnited States WST87867873785681
C. DunnPortland Thorns WUnited States WCAM84768083835554
B. BixbyPortland Thorns WUnited States WGK8414271273639
M. KlingenbergPortland Thorns WUnited States WLB83454884745776
R. RodriguezPortland Thorns WInternational WomenCM83727564808163
M. WeaverPortland Thorns WUnited States WLM80817681779178
S. CoffeyPortland Thorns WUnited States WCDM79536258706166
N. KuikkaPortland Thorns WInternational WomenRB79444676708171
K. HublyPortland Thorns WUnited States WCB78424175658782
E. MengesPortland Thorns WUnited States WCB76444149597683
S. HoganPortland Thorns WUnited States WGK75102412765112
M. NallyPortland Thorns WUnited States WRB75464267677362
A. KingsburyWashington Spirit WUnited States WGK8481110756011
T. RodmanWashington Spirit WUnited States WRW83837876768369
A. HatchWashington Spirit WUnited States WST82877859727081
A. SanchezWashington Spirit WUnited States WCAM82797167776375
A. SullivanWashington Spirit WUnited States WCDM81524741717657
S. StaabWashington Spirit WUnited States WCB78384154607882
A. BrooksWashington Spirit WUnited States WCB77384076627172
J. BaggettWashington Spirit WUnited States WCAM77726753716352
N. BarnhartWashington Spirit WUnited States WGK76174015786414
C. BiegalskiWashington Spirit WUnited States WRB76474271685776
B. FeistWashington Spirit WUnited States WCAM76716653706058
T. HusterWashington Spirit WUnited States WRB75474275665471
D. BaileyWashington Spirit WUnited States WCDM75575145665852
P. MetayerWashington Spirit WUnited States WCDM71634845627066
G. CarleWashington Spirit WCanada WLB74464471666267
T. McKeownWashington Spirit WUnited States WCB73606168727573
C. KhulmannWashington Spirit WUnited States WST70706854597270
M. ShevaWashington Spirit WRepublic of Ireland WCAM71665962686153
L. SilanoWashington Spirit WUnited States WST68706148606365
R. KundananjiFree Agents WZambia WST82856569697179
G. ChandaFree Agents WZambia WST79827050657170
S. MapepaFree Agents WZambia WLM73696772704547
E. KatongoFree Agents WZambia WCM72696353676352
I. LunguFree Agents WZambia WCDM74686951685949
A. ChitunduFree Agents WZambia WRM71676768694446
A. MusesaFree Agents WZambia WCB73344845567476
M. BelemuFree Agents WZambia WRB74595172655449
M. TemboFree Agents WZambia WLB73554971656567
L. MweembaFree Agents WZambia WCB72253856627368
O. LubanjiFree Agents WZambia WST71726248617070
H. NaliFree Agents WZambia WGK73174113316312
M. MulengaFree Agents WZambia WST66686139537268
M. WilombeFree Agents WZambia WCDM70565748627165
M. ZuluFree Agents WZambia WRM68657066677442
C. MusondaFree Agents WZambia WGK6991311245713
E. SlamfukoFree Agents WZambia WRB67354753555958
E. BandaFree Agents WZambia WRB65434158417165
M. MulengaFree Agents WZambia WCB68535435546372
M. LimwanyaFree Agents WZambia WCDM67594446605848
N. SosalaFree Agents WZambia WST67716853625665
N. MusoleFree Agents WZambia WGK6681413245913
K. LindFree Agents WUnited States WCB82394246577282
E. BahrFree Agents WColombia WST68695934515958
D. CaracasFree Agents WColombia WRB70385572585960
G. Rodríguez Free Agents WColombia WLB67475570575045
L. SalazarFree Agents WColombia WCM68686043596249
S. SepúlvedaFree Agents WColombia WGK70113011236113
D. OspinaFree Agents WColombia WRM70685969654859
A. CastañedaFree Agents WColombia WST68635953625341
G. RobledoFree Agents WColombia WST69765950636955
C. PérezFree Agents WColombia WGK7361411176012
J. CarabalíFree Agents WColombia WCB72295331526568
C. AriasFree Agents WColombia WRB69395967545959
M. VanegasFree Agents WColombia WCB81504564738188
M. RamosFree Agents WColombia WRB73325574605759
D. AriasFree Agents WColombia WCB73596431556979
D. MontoyaFree Agents WColombia WCDM75666440655455
L. CaicedoFree Agents WColombia WLW70745066614440
L. SantosFree Agents WColombia WCAM79756580807060
L. BedoyaFree Agents WColombia WCDM72586648665753
M. RamírezFree Agents WColombia WST83857564739179
C. UsmeFree Agents WColombia WCAM75726565735041
I. FlaniganFree Agents WPhilippines WST68716133556066
C. McDanielFree Agents WPhilippines WST70725532556161
Q. QuezadaFree Agents WPhilippines WLM72726572716152
S. BoldenFree Agents WPhilippines WST75817150617481
J. SawickiFree Agents WPhilippines WCM71656542646165
T. AnnisFree Agents WPhilippines WRM72727069717241
S. HarrisonFree Agents WPhilippines WLB72566160676272
D. RandleFree Agents WPhilippines WCB72416132487281
H. LongFree Agents WPhilippines WCB73406125497781
A. BeardFree Agents WPhilippines WLB68304554525855
C. FrillesFree Agents WPhilippines WST66726531536260
O. McDanielFree Agents WPhilippines WGK71912912328
S. EggesvikFree Agents WPhilippines WCM68595141605845
R. BontaFree Agents WPhilippines WCB67224442546366
K. JotaFree Agents WPhilippines WGK66111411253512
J. CowartFree Agents WPhilippines WCB67504138566668
K. GuillouFree Agents WPhilippines WST64526150616362
A. CastañedaFree Agents WPhilippines WRM70616171686136
M. SerranoFree Agents WPhilippines WCM69594151676251
K. FontanillaFree Agents WPhilippines WGK66101210203311
R. BugayFree Agents WPhilippines WCM68616561647152
M. CesarFree Agents WPhilippines WLB72426171617169
  • Arsenal W
  • Manchester United W
  • Chelsea W
  • Manchester City W
  • Reading W
  • Leicester City W
  • Liverpool W
  • Brighton & Hove Albion W
  • Tottenham Hotspur W
  • Aston Villa W
  • West Ham United W
  • Everton W
  • Le Havre AC W
  • Stade de Reims W
  • FC Fleury 91 W
  • Montpellier HSC W
  • En Avant de Guingamp W
  • Paris FC W
  • Olympique Lyonnias W
  • Paris Saint-Germain W
  • ASJ-Soyaux Charente W
  • Dijon FCO W
  • England W (National team)
  • Rodez Aveyron Football W
  • FC Girondins de Bordeaux W
  • Scotland W (National team)
  • United States W (National team)
  • FC Barcelona W
  • FC Bayern München W
  • Germany W (National team)
  • Spain W (National team)
  • Brazil W (National team)
  • Iceland W (National team)
  • Sweden W (National team)
  • China PR W (National team)
  • Australia W (National team)
  • New Zealand W (National team)
  • Free Agents W
  • Canada W (National team)
  • Netherlands W (National team)
  • Norway W (National team)
  • Portugal W (National team)
  • Belgium W (National team)
  • Mexico W (National team)
  • Argentina W (National team)
  • VfL Wolfsburg W
  • Korea Republic W (National team)
  • France W (National team)
  • Republic of Ireland W (National team)
  • Wales W (National team)
  • Japan W (National team)
  • Rangers FC W
  • SL Benfica W
  • Switzerland W (National team)
  • North Carolina Courage W
  • Chicago Red Stars W
  • OL Reign W
  • Portland Thorns W
  • Racing Louisville W
  • San Diego Wave W
  • Washington Spirit W
  • Denmark W (National team)
  • Eintracht Frankfurt W
  • Real Madrid W
  • Juventus W
  • Vietnam W (National team)
  • Morocco W (National team)
  • Colombia W (National team)
  • Zambia W (National team)
  • Philippines W (National team)