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More countries of Asia

Mod version: 2021/2022
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2022-11-16 19:23:21
Latest update: 2022-12-03 20:22:37
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    T. Nam YueClub not in FIFAHong KongLB60606060606060
    C. GyeltshenClub not in FIFABhutanLW42424242424242
N. TaylorRosario CentralCambodiaLW54545454545454
J. HingertBrisbane RoarSri LankaRB62626262626262
W. DonkinShenzhen FCChinese TaipeiCM65656565656565
V. NunesDalian YiFang FCHong KongCB68686868686868
C. Lok TanGuangzhou R&F FCHong KongCM58585858585858
A. Mu'iz SisaSuwon FCBrunei DarussalamRB45454545454545
F. HassanSuwon FCBrunei DarussalamCB46464646464646
K. Shahme SuhaimiSuwon FCBrunei DarussalamCB46464646464646
N. OthmanSuwon FCBrunei DarussalamCM48484848484848
A. SalehSuwon FCBrunei DarussalamCM44444444444444
H. Azam IdrisSuwon FCBrunei DarussalamCM49494949494949
A. Azizi Ali RahmanSuwon FCBrunei DarussalamRW50505050505050
A. SaidSuwon FCBrunei DarussalamST51515151515151
H. Aziz SulaimanSuwon FCBrunei DarussalamLW48484848484848
H. Abdullah NyaringChindia TârgovişteBrunei DarussalamGK47474747474747
A. RajamohanDegerfors IFSri LankaCM57575757575757
E. BaggotGillinghamIndonesiaRB67676767676767
A. Rashimy JufriRC CeltaBrunei DarussalamLB49494949494949
C. KammerknechtSG Dynamo DresdenSri LankaCB62626262626262
K. SokselaSuwon Samsung BluewingsCambodiaGK54545454545454
K. PisalSuwon Samsung BluewingsCambodiaRB55555555555555
C. BunnathSuwon Samsung BluewingsCambodiaLB55555555555555
S. VisalSuwon Samsung BluewingsCambodiaCB57575757575757
S. KryaSuwon Samsung BluewingsCambodiaCB57575757575757
D. KouchSuwon Samsung BluewingsCambodiaCM53535353535353
B. ThivaSuwon Samsung BluewingsCambodiaCM54545454545454
T. VichethSuwon Samsung BluewingsCambodiaCM52525252525252
D. NimSuwon Samsung BluewingsCambodiaRW55555555555555
M. NoronSuwon Samsung BluewingsCambodiaST58585858585858
M. FerdinanClub not in FIFAIndonesiaCM63636363656363
M. Barreto De limaClub not in FIFATimor-LesteCM51515151515151
O. DoganClub not in FIFAChinese TaipeiRW60606060606060
K. Oudone SouvannasangsoClub not in FIFALaosGK46464646464646
A. SiphongphanClub not in FIFALaosLB47474747474747
P. SangvilayClub not in FIFALaosRB47474747474747
N. ChanhthalangsyClub not in FIFALaosCB48484848484848
K. PhomvongsaClub not in FIFALaosCB50505050505050
P. KhochalernClub not in FIFALaosCM51515151515151
B. BounkongClub not in FIFALaosCM47474747474747
P. PhommasaneClub not in FIFALaosCM44444444444444
C. WenpaserthClub not in FIFALaosRW49494949494949
S. KeohanamClub not in FIFALaosST46464646464646
A. XaypanyaClub not in FIFALaosLW46464646464646
N. ArgawinataClub not in FIFAIndonesiaGK65656565656565
P. Arhan RifaiClub not in FIFAIndonesiaLB65656565656565
A. DewanggaClub not in FIFAIndonesiaCB65656565656565
R. IriantoClub not in FIFAIndonesiaCB65656565656565
A. MangkualamClub not in FIFAIndonesiaCM64646464646464
R. KambuayaClub not in FIFAIndonesiaCM62626262626262
E. Maulana VikriClub not in FIFAIndonesiaRW66666666666666
W. SulaemanClub not in FIFAIndonesiaST66666666666666
S. RambdaniClub not in FIFAIndonesiaLW68686868686868
M. Farizal MarliasClub not in FIFAMalaysiaGK59595959595959
D. CoolsClub not in FIFAMalaysiaRB60606060606060
L. Corbin-OngClub not in FIFAMalaysiaLB59595959595959
D. TanClub not in FIFAMalaysiaCB63636363636363
M. DaviesClub not in FIFAMalaysiaCB62626262626262
A. Aiman HanapiClub not in FIFAMalaysiaCM63636363636363
S. RahimClub not in FIFAMalaysiaCM60606060606060
J. EldstalClub not in FIFAMalaysiaCM61616161616161
M. Safawi RasidClub not in FIFAMalaysiaRW62626262626262
A. RashidClub not in FIFAMalaysiaLW62626262626262
M. Syafiq AhmadClub not in FIFAMalaysiaST63636363636363
K. Zin PhyoClub not in FIFAMyanmarGK59595959595959
H. Phyo WinClub not in FIFAMyanmarRB61616161616161
L. Moe AungClub not in FIFAMyanmarLB59595959595959
D. HtanClub not in FIFAMyanmarCB56555656565656
Z. Ye TunClub not in FIFAMyanmarCB58585858585858
H. Bo BoClub not in FIFAMyanmarCM56565656565656
Y. Naing OoClub not in FIFAMyanmarCM56565656565656
A. Naing WinClub not in FIFAMyanmarCM57575757575757
M. Maung LwinClub not in FIFAMyanmarRW60606060606060
A. Kaung MannClub not in FIFAMyanmarLW57575757575757
L. Mang SuanClub not in FIFAMyanmarST62626262626262
H. SunnyClub not in FIFASingaporeGK58585858585858
I. Fandi AhmadClub not in FIFASingaporeRB61616161616161
S. BaharudinClub not in FIFASingaporeLB56565656565656
M. Shakir bin HamzahClub not in FIFASingaporeCB60606060606060
N. NazariClub not in FIFASingaporeCB59595959595959
G. QuakClub not in FIFASingaporeCM58585858585858
S. Ui YoungClub not in FIFASingaporeCM59595959595959
T. SuparnoClub not in FIFASingaporeCM56565656565656
I. Fandi AhmadClub not in FIFASingaporeRW59595959595959
I. FandiClub not in FIFASingaporeLW57575757575757
S. AnuaiClub not in FIFASingaporeST59595959595959
J. PereiraClub not in FIFATimor-LesteGK45454545454545
A. GumarioClub not in FIFATimor-LesteRB49494949514949
A. de AlmeidaClub not in FIFATimor-LesteLB45454545454545
C. MonteiroClub not in FIFATimor-LesteCB46464646464646
Y. GusmaoClub not in FIFATimor-LesteCB44444444444444
B. OlegarioClub not in FIFATimor-LesteCM51515151515151
C. Moniz FernandesClub not in FIFATimor-LesteCM48484848484848
J. FilomenoClub not in FIFATimor-LesteRW49494949494949
J. PedroClub not in FIFATimor-LesteLW49494949494949
P. GaliClub not in FIFATimor-LesteST50505050505050
H. HelalClub not in FIFAAfghanistanGK52525252525252
M. KouhyarClub not in FIFAAfghanistanRB54545454545454
N, HaidaryClub not in FIFAAfghanistanLB53535353535353
Z. Islam AmiriClub not in FIFAAfghanistanCB52525252525252
M. SaighaniClub not in FIFAAfghanistanCB50505050505050
F. ShayestehClub not in FIFAAfghanistanCM55555555555555
F. NoorClub not in FIFAAfghanistanCM53535353535353
N. HusinClub not in FIFAAfghanistanCM54545454545454
O. HaydaryClub not in FIFAAfghanistanRW56565656565656
F. SadatClub not in FIFAAfghanistanLW57575757575757
O. MusawiClub not in FIFAAfghanistanST60606060606060
H. Chiu LinClub not in FIFAChinese TaipeiGK62626262626262
C. HaoClub not in FIFAChinese TaipeiRB61616161616161
C. Ting-yangClub not in FIFAChinese TaipeiLB60606060606060
H. Tzu-KueiClub not in FIFAChinese TaipeiCB62626262626262
P. Lung HsiehClub not in FIFAChinese TaipeiCB63636363636363
E. EstevezClub not in FIFAChinese TaipeiCM59595959595959
W. Yen-shuClub not in FIFAChinese TaipeiCM62626262626262
Y. Ting KoClub not in FIFAChinese TaipeiST62626262626262
L. MacClub not in FIFAChinese TaipeiLW61616161616161
D. JayeClub not in FIFAGuamGK45454545454545
L. MorimotoClub not in FIFAGuamRB44444444444444
A. LeeClub not in FIFAGuamLB42424242424242
M. CrowleyClub not in FIFAGuamCB46464646464646
R. QuituguaClub not in FIFAGuamCB45454545454545
J. Landa MatkinClub not in FIFAGuamCM42424242424242
I. LagutangClub not in FIFAGuamCM46464646464646
E. PedemonteClub not in FIFAGuamCM44444444444444
J. CunliffeClub not in FIFAGuamST47474747474747
D. MendiolaClub not in FIFAGuamRW44444444444444
T. NicklawClub not in FIFAGuamLW45454545454545
H. Fai YappClub not in FIFAHong KongGK58585858585858
T. Nam YueClub not in FIFAHong KongCB60606060606060
N. Hang LeungClub not in FIFAHong KongCB59595959595959
T. Chun LawClub not in FIFAHong KongRB59595959595959
W. WongClub not in FIFAHong KongCM57575757575757
H. YangClub not in FIFAHong KongCM55555555555555
M. OrrClub not in FIFAHong KongRW59595959595959
A. Tayo AkandeClub not in FIFAHong KongLW60606060606060
M. Him SunClub not in FIFAHong KongST61616161616161
M. HoClub not in FIFAMacauGK38383838383838
C. LeiClub not in FIFAMacauLB40404040404040
W. NgClub not in FIFAMacauRB41414141414141
K. LeiClub not in FIFAMacauCB37373737373737
F. DuarteClub not in FIFAMacauCB38383838383838
N. LamClub not in FIFAMacauCDM40404040404040
N. CheongClub not in FIFAMacauCM39393939393939
K. LamClub not in FIFAMacauCAM38383838383838
N. TorraoClub not in FIFAMacauST44444444444444
C. PangClub not in FIFAMacauRW41414141414141
M. HoClub not in FIFAMacauLW42424242424242
S. AmarbayasgalanClub not in FIFAMongoliaGK39393939393939
M. Orgil OrkhonClub not in FIFAMongoliaRB38383838383838
G. Od Bat-OrgilClub not in FIFAMongoliaLB37373737373737
O. DavaadelgerClub not in FIFAMongoliaCB39393939393939
O. OtgonbayarClub not in FIFAMongoliaCB38383838383838
N. ArtagClub not in FIFAMongoliaCM39393939393939
T. Ayush KhurelbaatarClub not in FIFAMongoliaCM37373737373737
T. Munkh-ErdeneClub not in FIFAMongoliaCM37373737373737
G. GanbayarClub not in FIFAMongoliaRW41414141414141
N. Osor NaranboldClub not in FIFAMongoliaLW42424242424242
B. BatboldClub not in FIFAMongoliaST43434343434343
C. AninzoClub not in FIFANorthern Mariana IslandsGK37373737373737
E. del RosarioClub not in FIFANorthern Mariana IslandsLB38383838383838
J. JoynerClub not in FIFANorthern Mariana IslandsRB36363636363636
N. SwaimClub not in FIFANorthern Mariana IslandsCB36363636363636
R. RelucioClub not in FIFANorthern Mariana IslandsCB37373737373737
J. CapayasClub not in FIFANorthern Mariana IslandsCM38383838383838
S. ManabatClub not in FIFANorthern Mariana IslandsCM39393939393939
A. FruitClub not in FIFANorthern Mariana IslandsCM38383838383838
R. TanzawaClub not in FIFANorthern Mariana IslandsRW39393939393939
S. TenorioClub not in FIFANorthern Mariana IslandsLW39393939393939
J. RojasClub not in FIFANorthern Mariana IslandsST40404040404040
A. Rahman ZicoClub not in FIFABangladeshGK60606060606060
T. KaziClub not in FIFABangladeshRB62626262626262
Y. ArafatClub not in FIFABangladeshLB59595959595959
B. GhoshClub not in FIFABangladeshCB61616161616161
R. MiaClub not in FIFABangladeshCB62626262626262
J. BhuyanClub not in FIFABangladeshCM58585858585858
B. AhmedClub not in FIFABangladeshCM59595959595959
S. RanaClub not in FIFABangladeshCM63636363636363
R. HossainClub not in FIFABangladeshRW61616161616161
M. IbrahimClub not in FIFABangladeshLW59595959595959
M. Motin MiaClub not in FIFABangladeshST60606060606060
G. ZangpoClub not in FIFABhutanGK39393939393939
C. TshewangClub not in FIFABhutanCB40404040404040
T. NorbuClub not in FIFABhutanCB42424242424242
P. JigmeClub not in FIFABhutanLB41414141414141
K. WangchukClub not in FIFABhutanRB43434343434343
K. TsheringClub not in FIFABhutanCM40404040404040
T. NamgyelClub not in FIFABhutanCM41414141414141
K. WangchukClub not in FIFABhutanCM39393939393939
C. GyeltshenClub not in FIFABhutanLW62626262626262
N. WangdiClub not in FIFABhutanRW43434343434343
Y. DorjiClub not in FIFABhutanST44444444434444
B. ShresthaClub not in FIFANepalGK55555555555555
A. TamangClub not in FIFANepalRB57575757575757
S. AryalClub not in FIFANepalLB54545454545454
G. ShresthaClub not in FIFANepalCB59595959595959
D. RajbanshiClub not in FIFANepalCB59595959595959
R. ChandClub not in FIFANepalCM56565656565656
M. DangiClub not in FIFANepalCM60606060606060
A. GhalanClub not in FIFANepalCM58585858585858
B. MagarClub not in FIFANepalLW49494949494949
A. BistaClub not in FIFANepalRW51515151515151
N. ShresthaClub not in FIFANepalST59595959595959
M. FaisaiClub not in FIFAMaldivesGK56565656565656
H. HassanClub not in FIFAMaldivesRB57575757575757
M. UmairClub not in FIFAMaldivesLB57575757575757
A. NoomanClub not in FIFAMaldivesCB58585858585858
A. Adbul GhaneeClub not in FIFAMaldivesCB56565656565656
H. MohamedClub not in FIFAMaldivesCM55555555555555
I. Waheed HassanClub not in FIFAMaldivesCM55555555555555
H. NihanClub not in FIFAMaldivesCM54545454545454
A. FasirClub not in FIFAMaldivesST59595959595959
H. NaizClub not in FIFAMaldivesRW57575757575757
I. Mahudhee HussainClub not in FIFAMaldivesLW58585858585858
A. LgbalClub not in FIFAPakistanGK40404040404040
Y. ButtClub not in FIFAPakistanRB42424242424242
S. HanifClub not in FIFAPakistanLB41414141414141
A. UllahClub not in FIFAPakistanCB43434343434343
A. BasitClub not in FIFAPakistanCB43434343434343
A. IqbalClub not in FIFAPakistanCM41414141414141
A. GhaziClub not in FIFAPakistanCM38383838383838
S. HussainClub not in FIFAPakistanCM40404040404040
H. BashirClub not in FIFAPakistanRW41414141414141
A. MohammadClub not in FIFAPakistanLW42424242424242
S. DostClub not in FIFAPakistanST44444444444444
J. Bradley-HurstClub not in FIFASri LankaGK64646464646464
J. SupanClub not in FIFASri LankaLB63636363636363
N. Harsha FernandoClub not in FIFASri LankaCB64646464646464
D. de SilvaClub not in FIFASri LankaCM62626262626262
A. RahmanClub not in FIFASri LankaCM63636363636363
M. FasalClub not in FIFASri LankaST66666666666666
O. KelaartClub not in FIFASri LankaRW64646464646464
R. ShabeerClub not in FIFASri LankaLW65656565656565
M. AyashClub not in FIFAYemenGK60606060606060
M. Al RadaeiClub not in FIFAYemenRB62626262626262
A. al WajeehClub not in FIFAYemenLB61616161616161
R. al WasmaniClub not in FIFAYemenCB62626262626262
M. SaeedClub not in FIFAYemenCB62626262626262
A. al MatariClub not in FIFAYemenCM59595959595959
O. al DahiClub not in FIFAYemenCM58585858585858
A. Aziz KhamisClub not in FIFAYemenCM61616161616161
A. Majeed SabarahClub not in FIFAYemenLW58585858585858
A. al SaroriClub not in FIFAYemenRW62626262626262
M. QarawiClub not in FIFAYemenST64646464646464
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