Mod: Discontinued

A mod by Denizzowsky

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This mod is discontinued, check my other mod:

Mod version: 2022/2023
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2022-12-03 16:48:43
Latest update: 2023-01-21 10:41:43
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Mod Log

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    • No custom players created.
K. L SieniFC Tofaga (T)TuvaluGK2057810611
S. FaimalagaFC Tofaga (T)TuvaluCB1213872912
S. FounukuFC Tofaga (T)TuvaluCB16152120211530
G. PanapaFC Tofaga (T)TuvaluCB2241221191020
A. TakatakaFC Tofaga (T)TuvaluCB25891472619
E. TimuaniFC Tofaga (T)TuvaluCB2010121891729
U. AleFC Tofaga (T)TuvaluCM23311324132835
F. KuleneFC Tofaga (T)TuvaluCM16111514191320
J. LepaioFC Tofaga (T)TuvaluCM34323723292021
P. TaneiFC Tofaga (T)TuvaluST1516125141414
L. TiuteFC Tofaga (T)TuvaluST2329307121514
N. KaitoLakena United (T)TuvaluCB1853111848
W. TaaroaLakena United (T)TuvaluCB1521171534
M. UalemasiLakena United (T)TuvaluCM20172415301923
S. NokisiFree AgentsTuvaluCB191086297029
M. AlefaioFree AgentsTuvaluRB2291326163713
F. FilemoniFree AgentsTuvaluCM22791112128
T. TemateFree AgentsTuvaluCM203820131519
A. TofuolaFC Manu LaevaTuvaluCB101136116
L. UoliFC Manu LaevaTuvaluCB12523545
A. Lima'alofaFC Manu LaevaTuvaluCM23322217162524
M. MausaliiFC Manu LaevaTuvaluCM17241318121730
J. SelauFC Manu LaevaTuvaluCM32425930281825
O. TinilauFC Manu LaevaTuvaluCM20221113111227
S. SiaosiFC Manu LaevaTuvaluCB2461122233621
P. TaitaiTamanukuTuvaluCB2211199201720
M. PetaiaTamanukuTuvaluCM148815101713
F. HaumaFC NanumagaTuvaluCB16251217175
I. FiamaluaFC NanumagaTuvaluCM189161592845
N. MusikaFC NanumagaTuvaluCM191291381211
A. KalenaFC NanumagaTuvaluST17161117142316
A. PetoaFC NanumagaTuvaluST40464920384338
M. TuilagiFC NiutaoTuvaluCB2110132211119
T. FakailogaFC NiutaoTuvaluST1610611889
K. SelotoNauti FCTuvaluCB19891881113
P. LotonuNauti FCTuvaluCM26182626222016
A. ValoaNauti FCTuvaluCM19171916202115
T. IonatanaNauti FCTuvaluST2228201417159
H. SenteNauti FCTuvaluST1612157111414
S. VailineNauti FCTuvaluST24241714141514
  • Tuvalu (National team)
  • FC Tofaga (T)
  • Lakena United (T)
  • Free Agents
  • FC Manu Laeva
  • Tamanuku
  • FC Nanumaga
  • FC Niutao
  • Nauti FC