Mod: Vatican Mod

A mod by GranMamin

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adds vatican

Mod version: 2021/2022
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2023-01-04 21:44:45
Latest update: 2023-01-04 22:16:29
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Pope John Paul II.Holy SeeVatican CityGK99999999999999
Antonino GartHoly SeeVatican CityRWB99999999999999
Pablo Enrique AmaroHoly SeeVatican CityRB99999999999999
Marcello RosatiHoly SeeVatican CityCB99999999999999
Alessandro QuartoHoly SeeVatican CityCB99999999999999
Antonino GartHoly SeeVatican CityLB99999999999999
Marco PoutiHoly SeeVatican CityCDM99999999999999
Nicolò BusincuHoly SeeVatican CityRM99999999999999
Domenico RuggieroHoly SeeVatican CityCM99999999999999
JesusHoly SeeVatican CityLM99999999999999
MoisésHoly SeeVatican CityCAM99999999999999
Pope St. PeterHoly SeeVatican CityRF99999999999999
Papa Bento XVIHoly SeeVatican CityCF99999999999999
Padre PioHoly SeeVatican CityLF99999999999999
CatolicosHoly SeeVatican CityRW99999999999999
Papa João Paulo IHoly SeeVatican CityST99999999999999
Papa João XXIIIHoly SeeVatican CityLW99999999999999
  • Holy See
  • Vatican City (National team)