Mod: San Marino national team

A mod by KazikMenager

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That mod is San Marino national team with real players for 2021-22,. I tryed SO much, so I hope U'll like it! I gave them quite real stats. Enjoy!

Mod version: 2021/2022
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2021-11-29 23:54:33
Latest update: 2022-11-24 19:36:19
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Mod Log

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    E. BenedettiniteamSan MarinoGK63131315638229
    F. FabbriteamSan MarinoCB53182330558069
    D. RossiteamSan MarinoCB6027833818186
    G. ContiteamSan MarinoLB57413434589755
    A. D'AddarioteamSan MarinoRB59171736707058
    D. Tommassini teamSan MarinoCM61523355685768
    K. ZonziniteamSan MarinoCM61523865654957
    T. ZafferaniteamSan MarinoCM64594461663778
    N. NanniteamSan MarinoST63697165735870
    L. CeccaroliteamSan MarinoLW62604657645567
    A. HirschteamSan MarinoRW56483357555570
E. BenedettiniColorado RapidsSan MarinoGK63131315638229
F. FabbriColorado RapidsSan MarinoCB53182330558069
D. RossiColorado RapidsSan MarinoCB6027833818186
G. ContiColorado RapidsSan MarinoLB57413434589755
A. D'AddarioColorado RapidsSan MarinoRB59171736707058
D. Tommassini Colorado RapidsSan MarinoCM61523355685768
K. ZonziniColorado RapidsSan MarinoCM61523865654957
T. ZafferaniColorado RapidsSan MarinoCM64594461663778
N. NanniColorado RapidsSan MarinoST66697165735870
L. CeccaroliColorado RapidsSan MarinoLW62604657645567
A. HirschColorado RapidsSan MarinoRW56483357555570
D. RinalditeamSan MarinoLM56494565616665
E. GolinucciteamSan MarinoCM54483655646763
M. Cevoli teamSan MarinoCB56285050674765
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