Mod: Crvena Zvezda

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crvena zvezda

Mod version: 2021/2022
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2022-01-14 18:28:38
Latest update: 2022-01-14 18:51:41
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    • No custom players created.
S. SanogoCRVENA ZVEZDAIvory CoastCDM74585870707772
G. KangaCRVENA ZVEZDAGabonCAM77787874744244
El Fardou BenCRVENA ZVEZDAZambiaRW73707072724953
L. DionyCRVENA ZVEZDAFranceST74717167677073
M. DegenekCRVENA ZVEZDAAustraliaCB74626270708073
A. DragovicCRVENA ZVEZDAAustriaCB75525263637577
M. GordicCRVENA ZVEZDASerbiaGK62303032323232
R. PankovCRVENA ZVEZDASerbiaCB67434364637066
S. ErakovicCRVENA ZVEZDASerbiaCB68383866666965
M. RodicCRVENA ZVEZDASerbiaLB71575767676664
M. GalicCRVENA ZVEZDASerbiaRB73535371716561
N. PetrovicCRVENA ZVEZDASerbiaCDM68636353536765
N. KrsticicCRVENA ZVEZDASerbiaCM71646470707167
N. StankovicCRVENA ZVEZDASerbiaCM56474750504248
S. SrnicCRVENA ZVEZDASerbiaRM66575763634253
M. IvanicCRVENA ZVEZDASerbiaCAM75707076765256
A. KataiCRVENA ZVEZDASerbiaLW74727268684641