Mod: Widzew Łódź

A mod by Damianox

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Polish 1 Liga club

Mod version: 2021/2022
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2022-01-28 11:09:15
Latest update: 2022-01-28 12:12:20
Imported by 274 users


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Mod Log

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    • No custom players created.
M. Hanousek Widzew Łódź Czech RepublicCM58393359626043
J. Letniowski Widzew Łódź PolandST57465243513041
J. WrabelWidzew Łódź PolandGK63231822215460
T. Dejewski Widzew Łódź PolandCB44322111223329
D. TanzynaWidzew Łódź PolandCB66232219315142
K. NowakWidzew Łódź PolandCB54221919234332
P. ZielinskiWidzew Łódź PolandCM52342311293229
K. DanielakWidzew Łódź PolandLM54322145395350
D. KunWidzew Łódź PolandRM59433865453038
B. Guzdek Widzew Łódź PolandRF49733429334233
M. Michalski Widzew Łódź PolandRF55574530425649
  • Widzew Łódź