Mod: Non-League FA Cup teams

A mod by SimMan

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Mod version: 2021/2022
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2022-02-02 14:45:23
Latest update: 2022-02-02 15:10:41
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Mod Log

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    • No custom players created.
L. SimpsonKidderminster HarriersEnglandGK56565656565656
C. RichardKidderminster HarriersEnglandCB56565656565656
N. CameronKidderminster HarriersEnglandCB56565656565656
K. LoweKidderminster HarriersEnglandLB56565656565656
L. MontroseKidderminster HarriersEnglandRM57575757575757
S. AustinKidderminster HarriersEnglandCM57575757575757
M. CarringtonKidderminster HarriersEnglandLM57575757575757
G. BajramiKidderminster HarriersEnglandCF58585858585858
J. WhiteKidderminster HarriersEnglandLF60606060606060
A. PennyKidderminster HarriersWalesRB56565656565656
K. MartinKidderminster HarriersBermudaRF58585858585858
N. AshmoreBoreham WoodEnglandGK57575757575757
J. ReckordBoreham WoodEnglandRB57575757575757
F. IlesanmiBoreham WoodEnglandCB57575757575757
W. EvansBoreham WoodEnglandCB57575757575757
J. ReesBoreham WoodEnglandRM58585858585858
G. MafutaBoreham WoodEnglandCM58585858585858
G. JoyceBoreham WoodEnglandLM59595959595959
D. Orsi-DadomoBoreham WoodEnglandCF61616161616161
D. StephensBoreham WoodWalesLB57575757575757
A. CliftonBoreham WoodMontserratRF60606060606060
J. ComleyBoreham WoodMontserratLF62626262626262
  • Kidderminster Harriers
  • Boreham Wood