Mod: Liechtenstein

A mod by Larsson

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== FC Vaduz ==

Mod version: 2023/2024
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2023-10-04 13:07:33
Latest update: 2023-10-04 13:19:47
Imported by 149 users


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Can you add Eshen/Mauren please?

It's planned.

Mod Log

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    • No custom players created.
B. BüchelFC VaduzLiechtensteinGK6411149254513
M. GrobFC VaduzSwitzerlandGK5812166204317
G. FoserFC VaduzLiechtensteinGK5597816435
G. IsikFC VaduzGermanyCB63311655646565
L. BerishaFC VaduzSwitzerlandCB63312357646957
L. TraberFC VaduzLiechtensteinCB62274457595446
F. RahimiFC VaduzKosovoCB62312257626161
F. FehrFC VaduzSwitzerlandLB63455165605056
A. KräuchiFC VaduzSwitzerlandRB60433660615647
S. WieserFC VaduzLiechtensteinCDM62545561635755
L. EminiFC VaduzKosovoCM63535559656166
R. FossoFC VaduzSwitzerlandCM60464451565855
N. HaslerFC VaduzLiechtensteinCM62555661626365
T. CicekFC VaduzSwitzerlandCAM63605961656366
M. HadziFC VaduzSwitzerlandRW61595562545560
S. ChabbiFC VaduzTunisiaST65686642576666
D. DjokicFC VaduzSwitzerlandST61615545535266
T. VäyrynenFC VaduzFinlandST62615554606168
T. GolliardFC VaduzSwitzerlandCAM59555356586154
C. GasserFC VaduzSwitzerlandCB60222353595964