Mod: Teams North Macedonia

A mod by Ralph8989

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FC Struga

Mod version: 2023/2024
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2023-10-10 22:24:15
Latest update: 2023-10-10 22:34:32
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Mod Log

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    • No custom players created.
V. KjosevskiFC StrugaBosnia HerzegovinaGK63636363636363
K. KitanovskiFC StrugaNorth MacedoniaGK50505050505050
B. KrivanjevaFC StrugaNorth MacedoniaCB63636363636363
S. RadicFC StrugaSerbiaCB63636263636363
V. ZguroFC StrugaAlbaniaLB61616161616161
M. NeziriFC StrugaNorth MacedoniaRB63646363636363
E. MalikjiFC StrugaNorth MacedoniaRB62626262616262
A. IdriziFC StrugaNorth MacedoniaRB45454545454545
B. BojkuFC StrugaNorth MacedoniaCDM63636363636363
A. KasamiFC StrugaNorth MacedoniaCDM63636363636362
H. UkpaFC StrugaNigeriaCM63636363636363
H. GeorgievskiFC StrugaNorth MacedoniaCM59595959595959
F. TairiFC StrugaNorth MacedoniaCM58585858585858
M. MazrekajFC StrugaKosovoLW63636363636363
A. JahjaFC StrugaNorth MacedoniaLW62626262626262
B. IbraimiFC StrugaNorth MacedoniaST65656565656565
M. RadeskiFC StrugaNorth MacedoniaST62626262626262
B. CompoaréFC StrugaBurkina FasoST61626261616161