Mod: Legendary Clubs mod

A mod by Sunnycake

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This mod creates you the oldest club in the world : Sheffield FC, and more, it creates clubs that in the pasts years were stars but now are forgotten

Mod version: 2021/2022
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2022-02-23 13:57:44
Latest update: 2022-02-23 14:52:58
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    • No custom players created.
Niall EdgeSheffield FCEnglandGK72324521567866
Ben TurnerSheffield FCEnglandRB65753265552312
Ben HarriottSheffield FCEnglandCB65324314547676
Jamie RobinsonSheffield FCEnglandCB65325412761278
Ashton HallSheffield FCEnglandLB78425665782334
Jamie YatesSheffield FCEnglandCDM45653465674543
Scott RuthvenSheffield FCEnglandCM54873245453422
Harry MitchellSheffield FCEnglandCM65565432653491
Marc NewshamSheffield FCEnglandCAM67767367785432
Tiarnan O'ConnorSheffield FCEnglandST56675632438876
Luke HallSheffield UnitedEnglandST76677867615467
  • Sheffield FC