Mod: Jong AZ

A mod by Larsson

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Jong AZ (2021/2022): Westerveld; Velthuis, Berkhout, Pavlidis, Lathouwers; Koopmeiners, Taabouni, de Jong; Allouch, Duin, Griffith

Mod version: 2021/2022
Mod type: Squad
Created at: 2022-03-11 16:52:25
Latest update: 2022-09-07 18:23:01
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Mod Log

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    S. WesterveldJong AZSpainGK588131414213
    P. KoopmeinersJong AZNetherlandsCDM62355051606560
    M. TaabouniJong AZNetherlandsCAM66545550625843
    J. DuinJong AZNetherlandsST60646935466368
    B. ReusJong AZNetherlandsGK611020141388
    E. PokuJong AZNetherlandsRW61535052494737
V. PavlidisJong AZGreeceCB59455549634854
T. VelthuisJong AZNetherlandsCB59484656605554
J. BerkhoutJong AZNetherlandsCB58504139605961
R. LathouwersJong AZNetherlandsRB60525854634854
F. de JongJong AZNetherlandsCM63655963646056
S. AllouchJong AZNetherlandsLW62605961626559
I. GriffithJong AZNetherlandsRW63636162595858
M. DekkerJong AZNetherlandsCB58495057575851
F. GemmelJong AZNetherlandsRB55464349535257
B. FrankenJong AZNetherlandsCDM56525350555251
Z. BuurmeesterJong AZNetherlandsCM60545551625354
R. KewalJong AZNetherlandsRW56555752544847
D. DeenJong AZNetherlandsGK581224354612
F. StamJong AZNetherlandsCB516452517153
N. KosterJong AZNetherlandsCAM53515251535255
M. van BrederodeJong AZNetherlandsLW61636160596664